The sleepless Sunday nights are over as the most awaited season of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday, 14th April. The finale season came after a long interval of 595 days. Who will be the real heir to Iron throne, we all are anticipating for it.

From its drop dead gorgeous locations to unpredictable script, surreal characters to three-full grown dragons. There is nothing about GoT that we do not love.

What if one can gets a chance to explore the Winterfell, King’s Landing, Casterly Black and many more locations like these…

#Northern Ireland Winterfell Locations

Inch Abbey real location
Snapshot of Inch Abbey in Game of Thrones

Maybe deep down inside somewhere, we all wish to know what it feels like to enjoy the chills of Winter at Winterfell. The picturesque location from the series is shot at Northern Ireland. Many places in Westeros, including Winterfell, Castle Black and Dragonstone, have been filmed in various spots across the country.

A trip to Dublin or Belfast can never go wrong, once you visit these locations. The place includes Tollymore Forest Park where the Stark kids find their pack of direwolves. And Inch Abbey, where Robb Stark was named as the ‘King in the North’.

#King’s Landing Tour

Lokrum Island real location
Snapshot of Lokrum Island in Game of Thrones

The distinctive red roofs and ancient stone walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia, is easily recognizable as the setting for King’s Landing. The seaside city visit a must. And take a Game of Thrones-inspired walking tour to see the exterior locations for the Red Keep. The Sept of Baelor, Littlefinger’s brothel and more. You’ll also get a look at Lokrum Island, where scenes set in the Essos city of Qarth were filmed.

#Gardens of Dorne in Seville

Gardens of Dorne real location in Spain
Snapshot of Gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones as House Martell

The home for House Martell has awe-inspiring arches, beautifully crafted courtyards, and lush gardens. This picturesque palace is worthy of a spot on every traveler’s bucket list, whether you watch Game of Thrones or not. We can definitely proclaim that  The Real Alcázar in Seville is, even more beautiful than the fictional Dorne.

#Beyond The Wall in Iceland

Grjótagjá cave real location
Snapshot of Grjótagjá cave in Game of Thrones

The director of GoT has magnificently used the icy landscape of Iceland to show the snow-covered landmarks in the season. The spot that pops-up the list is Grjótagjá, a small lava cave with a thermal spring inside.

Die-hard GOT fans will instantly recognize this intimate setting as the place where Jon Snow and Ygritte shared a romantic night in Season 3.


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