Wuhan – a city going viral

Wuhan - a city going viral
Wuhan - a city going viral
Wuhan is going viral on the Internet catches attention from home and abroad. A group of creative city photos recently posted on Instagram has made Wuhan an influencer online.

With this great opportunity in mind, “#TricityWuhan” has been launched to invite domestic and international KOLs. They will shoot travelling Vlogs that elaborate on the folkways, landscapes and cultures of the three towns of Wuhan. The depictions of its history, humanities, and cuisines will represent a global exposure of Wuhan’s cultural and tourism.

The “#TricityWuhan” Vlog series include the city’s cultural and tourism resources to feature travelling strategies. Alongside freehand sketching of maps that are very famous among overseas tourists. Ever since these Vlogs released on YouTube, there have been a total of more than 100,000 views. Meanwhile, 11 articles posted on Facebook to attract more than 10 million impressions and nearly 20,000 interactions. Additionally, it will make Wuhan a priority for foreigners to travel and stay in China.

As a city with more than 1,300 years of culture and history, Wuhan is home to numerous valuable cultural heritages. The brand marketing events of “#TricityWuhan” are based on a fusion of Chinese and international perspectives. It is to demonstrate the city’s hidden cultural charms to all overseas tourists. This will immerse them in an all-around glamour of Wuhan – an online influencer and a city going more and more international.