Women Watches You Loved at Airport Duty Free in 2018

TFWA Exhibition and Conference is a popular event in the Duty Free and Travel Retail Industry to release products. Here are the few women watches that made quite an impression in Cannes last year.


Andre Mouche offers their women watches, exclusively coated with finest quality 18-carat yellow gold or palladium. The watches are products of their own workshops in the Swiss Canton of Jura. The display of the watch is such that the time hides behind the designed lid. The watch has been available from 19th October 2018, worldwide.

Mr Right by Emile Chouriet

The women of today’s age have broken the shackles of gender discrimination and have left no stone unturned to fight for equality. Today they are synonymous with dedication and confidence. Emile Chouriet has launched its exclusive range- Mr Right which adds to their powerful personality. The upper and lower layers of the dial are sandblasted and refined to create a sense of depth.

The watch is moulded in a square case that responds to the stepped square area around the small second hand and square buckle. It showcases strength and grace in a similar way a woman displays elegance and confidence. The watch has been available from 1st May 2018 in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.


Festina celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018 by launching its exclusive range of watches, beautifully designed with Swarovski crystals and a matching bracelet. It is a classy and sophisticated piece with an adjustable steel mesh bangle. The bangle is decorated with Mother- of- Pearl details and refined with stainless steel. The watch has been available from 31st August 2018 worldwide.


In the technologically advanced era, Andre Moche has successfully managed to portray a touch of timeless romanticism in its watches. The design of the watch is exclusively for the women of today’s time. They reflect a sense of femininity and power. It depicts grace and elegance in its watches. The watch has been available from 19TH October 2018, worldwide.

The Furla Pin Watch by FURLA

The dial’s design reflects a girly touch with a round case in gold-tone steel. The leather strap of the watch has fun and cheerful touch. It has three interchangeable charms in the shape of a flour leaf clover, a sunflower and a beetle. The travel retail exclusive set also includes a heart-shaped charm. This Furla watch has been available from 1st December 2018 worldwide popularly in Dubai, Singapore and Italy.

Did you spot them at the Duty Free? Which one?
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