What are the best romantic cities for Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day Celebration

Best Cities for Valentine’s Day Celebration

Where it’s all about celebrating love and romance in some countries with your better half, others busy celebrating it with their families and friends. The blessed young couples, friends and families from all around the world go out to profess and proclaim their love every year on 14 February. The day itself is called “divine day” of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day Celebration is nowadays essential for everyone and every age. This blog is going to shed some light on the best cities for Valentine’s Day Celebration in 2019. Scroll down to plan your Valentine’s Day Celebration with your loved one, family or friends.

1. Venice, Italy
2. Zurich, Switzerland
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. New York, USA
5. Paris, France
6. Goa, India
7. Phuket, Thailand
8. Athens, Greece
9. Prague, Czech Republic
10. Bali, Indonesia

Venice, Italy

Valentine’s Day CelebrationItaly is a must-visit country, and one of the most romantic destinations in Europe—there are so many highlights in this beautiful country. Venice is famous for its passionate culture and rich history. Every couple dream of romantic walks on the bridge in Venice because what better than romantic walks in hand-in-hand with your better half. Serena Gondola rides in castles is another option to make your Valentine Day unique and special.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Valentine’s Day CelebrationWhen it’s about Valentine Day, Switzerland comes to mind for the very first because it is considered as the romantic capital. The city of Zurich makes the surrounding so sensational that the place fits best to celebrate Valentine Day for everyone. The place is famous for its Swiss chocolates and who don’t love chocolates? The place offers various couple spa options where you can relax with your loved one.

Melbourne, Australia

Valentine’s Day CelebrationIf you want to make your Valentine’s Day unique and special head to Melbourne, Australia because the city has a lot to offer from the best restaurants, events to cruises.
From dinners and cruises to hotels and things to do, Melbourne has got a dozen fun activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Romantic dinner on a cruise with your better half with a trip to vineyards can make your Valentine’s Day more sensational and spectacular.

New York, USA

Valentine’s Day CelebrationNew York City is famous as the “city that never sleeps” as it is always Bustling. Time Square in New York is the place where everyone comes together to celebrate their life and the same for Valentine’s day where people come to celebrate his or her love life. One can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a cruise in the Hudson River with the stunning views of the city. Also, New York comes up with various events on Valentine’s Day every year.

Paris, France

Valentine’s Day CelebrationParis is considered as “The romantic city of lights” and is the best place for Valentine’s Day Celebration. The surrounding makes the place so sensational that you can make the most with your loved one. You can book a dinner cruise on the Seine with your loved one, family and friends a gourmet restaurant or an unforgettable evening in a cabaret in Paris.

Goa, India

Valentine’s Day CelebrationIf you’re looking for a lively romantic night, with lots of restaurants everywhere, look no forward than Goa. This Valentine’s week, head to Goa, India to experience the joy of togetherness. Beaches in Goa make it more sensational to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day celebration in Goa could be one of the most romantic experiences you and your partner can indulge in. The place is extraordinarily paradisaical and offers some of the most surreal experiences and activities for couples.

Phuket, Thailand

Valentine’s Day CelebrationInnumerable beaches and fun activities for travellers, Phuket, Thailand is one of the best places for Valentine’s Day Celebration in 2019. It offers romantic seaside dinner for couples so that they can make their Valentine’s Day special. Also, there are many couple spa session where couples can relax together. One can go for a day out in the sea and can indulge in some beach activities with his/her better half. A romantic walk near the beach is must when it’s about Valentine’s Day Celebration.

Athens, Greece

Valentine’s Day CelebrationThe sensational love, the graceful Greek romance and the gigantic dignity impart a traditional touch to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. It is considered as the purest time of the year in Greece where all the resentments and grudges are forgotten. It is considered that the Valentine’s Day Celebration started in ancient Greece for commemorating the sacrosanct marriage of Hera and Zeus. One can go for a romantic dinner with a panoramic view of the glorious Acropolis coats. Cliff dives, historic walks around the city are the most recommended as these little things will make your Valentine’s Day Celebration more special.

Prague, Czech Republic

Valentine’s Day CelebrationThe city is a living fairy-tale, and it only takes a glance at its stunning castles, charming cobbled streets, and baroque gardens. From fancy wine bars, relaxing spa days or horse-drawn carriage rides, Prague, the Czech Republic has a lot to offer to make your Valentine’s Day Celebration. One can visit the art museums or take a spa day but should not forget to lock their love on the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Bali, Indonesia

Valentine’s Day CelebrationIt is one of the best cities in the world for Valentine’s Day Celebration. Bali has a lot to offer from nightclubs to romantic places. Moreover, Bali can beat any other city in the world for a romantic getaway. One can go for a romantic dinner along the beachside during side or can enjoy a couple Spa. Couples can also have a beach day by indulging in fun activities like snorkelling and swimming.

These cities around the world are offering so much for young couples, families and friends. One should plan a getaway this year for Valentine’s Day Celebration. Hope this article “Best Cities for Valentine’s Day Celebration” will be of some help to make this day beautiful and memorable.

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

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