Want to know how to do affordable shopping in China?

Shopping in China

China is a favourite Shopping Market Place. From the roadside stall to the large-scale modern shopping mall, from the typical store to a favourite supermarket, China has numerous perfect places to shop that can satisfy all shoppers’ desires. China is a trendy place for tourists, and its distinctive culture and numerous natural & historical sites of interest are a huge draw. There are many subcultures in the nation, with their own dialect, cuisines, and traditions. While this is not surprising considering the culture and civilisation is literally thousands of years old, the typical tourist can delight in the fact that such diversity affords a range of options for shopping in China.

8 Places to Shop in China

  • Wangfujing Street
  • Chunxi Road
  • China Wholesale Market
  • SEG Market
  • Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street
  • Barkhor Street
  • Central Avenue
  • The Bund

1.) Wangfujing Street

Shopping in ChinaWangfujing Street is one of the largest and most popular pedestrian streets in China. There are many outdoor cafes in the summer – a nice place to take an ice-cream or frozen beer under a shady umbrella in. In Beijing’s first street market you will find countless souvenir shops, various food carts selling the most delicious Chinese cuisine, painting stores, and departmental stores. Also, you can find anything from traditional Chinese herbs to modern amenities here. The evening market is especially interesting because at that time free carts sell traditional Han as well as other Chinese food. This place is a must visit if you are looking for some serious shopping in China.

What to buy: Food and souvenirs
Location: Wangfujing Main Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100006, China

2.) Chunxi Road

Shopping in ChinaChengdu’s best market is located on the Chunxi Road, and it is undoubtedly a place you must go to if you are visiting Sichuan or are looking for the best products to buy from China. The province has distinct traditions of its own, and if you are looking to sample Chinese food that is not the kind you are used to, this is the place to go. Bronze statues at the head of the road where the market begins.What to buy: Clothes and food. It is also an ideal place for looking around and sampling the delicious local snacks.

Location: Chunxi Road, Chengdu, China

3.) China Wholesale Market

Shopping in ChinaXi’an carries plenty of markers of the culture of Central China where you can find all of that in the wholesale markets in the Bell and Drum Tower Commercial Centre. Specifically, you can find wholesale clothing, China offers in the Kangfu Lu and Northwest light commercial areas. Besides clothing, there are shoes, bags, and electronics on sale too.

What to buy: Clothes and electronics
Location: Xi’an, China

4.) SEG Market

Shopping in ChinaSEG Market might just be the biggest market of its kind in the world and is a must-visit if you are looking for electronics to buy in China. It is based in and around two multi-stories that house the SEG Electronics Market building. Hundreds of small sellers offer all kinds of electronics at cut-throat prices here. The thing to look for here is computer products, which means all sorts of laptops (first and second hand), monitors, graphics cards, and other hardware.

What to buy: Second-hand laptops and electronic products
Location: Shenzhen

5.) Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shopping in ChinaShangxiajiu Pedestrian Shopping Street is 1200 meters long concentrating more than 300 various shops, including many old and new famous brands. The street’s unique and ancient architecture which fully reflects the Lingnan (South China) culture. For shopping in China, Guangzhou’s Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is the prime spot to visit. South China culture is striking, with the ornate and oriental architecture of the streets and shops that you will find here. There are almost 300 shops clustered in only 1200 meters, which means that you have to keep your eyes open, lest you miss a good buy! There are the most modern brands of clothing and footwear here, and also local shops that provide the best experience of shopping in China.

What to buy: Trendy clothes
Location: Liwan District, Guangzhou 510010, China

6.) Barkhor Street

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The Barkhor (pilgrims’ circuit) is found in the heart of Lhasa encircling the Jokhang Temple. In the past, it was a designated circumambulation circuit, “a saint road.”A break from the mainstream Chinese culture can be found in Tibet, and what better way to take that experience home than to shop on Barkhor Street. Colourful prayer flags can be seen in the market.

What to buy: Souvenirs and food
Location: Chengguan District, Lhasa 851500, China

7.) Central Avenue

Shopping in ChinaCentral Avenue is a pedestrian-only cobblestone street lined with stores, restaurants, old architecture dating from the Russian era, and malls. It is the part of the original town built by the Russians about 110 years ago.
Also, today, you can still see the enormous Russian influence on the architecture of the Central Avenue market. Proximity to their northern neighbours means you can actually find Russian products in the markets, besides international restaurants and huge supermarkets. Do visit here if you are looking for some great shopping in China.

What to buy: Russian goods

Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

8.) The Bund

Shopping in China

Shanghai has emerged as one of the world’s most dynamic cities in the world. Especially the waterfront Bund has been reinvented for a luxurious shopping experience. High-end brands such as Giorgio Armani, Patek Philippe, and Boucheron have taken over the former colonial buildings. With the view of the iconic Huangpu river, the Bund market is now not just the most expensive but also one of the prettiest markets for shopping in Shanghai, China.

What to buy: Clothes and bags from high-end brands
Location: Zhongshan East 1st Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000


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