Visit unpopular destinations in Belgium like never before

Places to visit in Belgium

Places to visit in Belgium

1.) Ardennes
2.) Tournai
3.) Dinant
4.) Mons
5.) Leuven
6.) Mechelen
7.) Ghent
8.) Antwerp

Belgium is a small nation with a significant role to play in world history. If you are interested in either of the world wars, Belgium has a million sites to keep you busy during your visit. There are over 1000 breweries in this little country, and Belgium brewers were some of the first to perfect beer brewing. From designer shops and amazing galleries to cobblestone streets laden with museums are the best places to visit in Belgium.


The rugged hills of the Ardennes with their tight forests, caves and cliffs are famous for hiking, biking and camping. They are home to wild boar, deer and lynx and hide some friendly villages, lots of castles and a few other notable sights. Also, the impressive caves of Han-sur-lesse, the manor of Bouillon and the new Labyrinth of Barvaux are some of the best places to visit in Ardennes.
Key Attraction: Castle of Bouillon, Han-sur-Lesse and Labyrinth of Barvaux
Where to stay: Hotel Eden, Hotel des and Azun en


Places to visit in Belgium
Tournai is an excellent place to tune out the hustle and bustle of larger Belgium cities. More than 2000 years of rich cultural history can be explored here. Also, there is a hub of art and sculptures and allures art lovers. Tournai has some great museums and art galleries and the town Belfry is the oldest in the country.
Key Attractions: Folklore Museum, Musee d’Histoire, Naturelle et Vivarium and Notre Dame Cathedral, The Belfry of Tournai in Tournai.
Where to Stay: Floreal le Panoramiue, Alcantara

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Places to visit in BelgiumThis city lies along the sparkling Meuse River in the Namur province just 65km south of the capital city. Dinant’s craves are some of the natural attraction that brings visitors here. These desires are most beautiful and are situated within a Wildlife Reserve teeming with native flora and fauna.
Key attractions: La Citadelle, Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge, Adolphe Sax Statue and Parc de Furfooz
Where to stay: Hotel Ibis and La Panama.


Places to visit in BelgiumMons is best known for the magical and surprising ringing of the town’s glorious Belfry bells, which hail from the 80-meter tower. The Gothic-style Mons Town Hall is eye-catching, and the Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru boasts a highly impressive collection of 16th century Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster statues.
Key Attractions: Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster statues, Van Gogh House and Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru.
Where to stay: Congress Hotel Mons and Hotel Lido.


Places to visit in BelgiumLeuven is the home to the oldest Catholic university in the world. This Place is famous for street-side pubs, marketplaces, cafes and churches, and galleries, like any other Belgian city, but being home to world’s oldest Catholic university, Leuven always buzzes with a student population from different parts of the world.
Key attraction: Botanical Garden Kruidtuin, University library, Town Hall & Bell Tower.
Where to stay: Pentahotel and Park Inn by Radisson.

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Places to visit in BelgiumMechelen is one of the best places to visit in Belgium. From tours of the Beguinage Brewery to riverboat tours, there’s much to see and do in this Flanders locale. One doesn’t miss stop is the magnificent Carillion School, where students come from across the globe to get instruction on playing this complex instrument of bells.
Key attraction: St. Rumbold’s Cathedral and Provincial Groendomein Vrijbroekpark.
Where to stay: Hotel Hobbit, Best Western and NH Mechelen.


Another one among the best places to visit in Belgium is Ghent – a quaint and serene town, endowed with historical sites, churches and medieval structures and buildings. Also, it was one of the wealthiest and most influential cities in Europe. It was once considered the second largest city north of the Alps, after Paris. The whole of the city centre is restored in this fashion, and still breathes the atmosphere of a thriving late-medieval city-state. Ghent is a favourite destination for art lovers and history buffs, but the quietude and charm of the place attract travellers of all kinds.
Key attractions: St Bravo’s Cathedral with Alter Piece located inside, Gravensteen and Belfry of Ghent.
Where to Stay: Ghent Marriott, Golden Tulip Hotel de’ Medici and Hotel Gravensteen.


Antwerp is all about culture, art, and traditions. On the one hand, it showcases vintage architectural wonders and palaces, but on the other, there are some modern and trendy art galleries and museums. Also, Antwerp is famous for great food and beer.
Key attractions: Plantin Moretus Museum and Rubenshius
Where to stay: Leonardo Hotel and Ibis Hotel.