Urart Wins First Perfetti Van Melle Awards

Urart Wins Perfetti Van Melle Awards
Urart Wins First Perfetti Van Melle Awards
Urart team at Antalya, Dufry, wins first PVM winning store model awards

Perfetti Van Melle has introduced the PVM Winning Store Model. It is a new award to reward its best-in-class retail partners. Importantly, this innovative new concept is created to acknowledge retail partners who embrace the potential of non-chocolate confectionery. 

On November 28th, Eric Vermetten, PVM’s Area Sales Manager, presented the Winning Store Model to the local confectionery team of Urart, Antalya Airport with the presence of Dufry. He commented: 

“Extremely dedicated team of the Urart have the right retailer attitude. Also, they have good control of the supply chain and a trusted partnership with Dufry. Perfetti Van Melle, Urart is the biggest single airport operation and it has created the perfect shopping environment for our confectionery buyers.”

Antalya store received the 2019 award due to numerous reasons. Some of the important reasons were:
  • Its strong focus on PVM’s must-have assortment.
  • Fantastic Visibility
  • Strong promotions
  • Excellent use of a Brand Ambassador
Urart Wins First Perfetti Van Melle Awards
Urart Wins First Perfetti Van Melle Awards
Vermetten said:

“We know that visibility is key for confectionery sales. This year Urart really went out of their way to create prominence for PVM brands. Additionally, by introducing improved impulse buy furniture, we saw great results for our gum sales. While we were impressed by their cross-category approach of having a Gum display in the tobacco area.  This shows a very open-minded, forward-thinking approach.”

The 2019 Sugar Festival was equally effective in terms of excellent visibility. While the presence of Brand Ambassadors played a significant role in promoting the PVM range including Chupa Chups and Mentos. “We believed that adding a second BA for a longer period of time would be essential for the continuation of our y-o-y growth. Notably, it seems we made the right choice” added Vermetten. 

We want to thank the whole Urart Confectionery team for their dedicated partnership, willingness to think out of the box, their trust and creativity. Thanks to them, we have achieved another year of good growth (+13%). We are looking forward to an even more exciting 2020 with our partners in Antalya,” Said Dennis Wulp, Travel Retail Director PVM.