7 Winter Carnivals Around the World You Cannot Miss

7 Winter Carnivals Around the World You Cannot Miss

Many countries all around the globe host popular festivals in the winter season. If you are planning for a winter travel adventure, it’s the high time to see one of these winter festivals. Here are the 7 winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss.

Winter carnival is all about celebrating ice, snow and Christmas or merely using the winter season to explore their culture

Carnival in Venice, Italy

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

If you love to dress up, make a move to Venice during the 40 days before Easter to celebrate Carnival. This festival takes heat every year starting 40 days before Easter and winding up on Fat Tuesday. You will witness live examples of international costume and fashion designs as you explore parades, masquerade balls and live entertainment. Make sure to pick up your decorative mask to dive in fully into the festivities. While exploring the wonders of Carnival, experience the wonders of Venice too. However, this festival is at the tail end of winter and the start of spring, it truly deserves the top spot on our list of winter carnivals you cannot miss because it holds so many wonders.

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Carnival in Rio, Brazil

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

Maybe your idea of a winter expedition is escaping the cold, rather than running to it. In this scenario, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the festival you must put on your bucket list. This festival is world-popular, so you’ll want to plan early to make sure you can find a hotel. While festivities abound around the time of Carnival, this Carnival is basically a one-day event. Starting with a huge parade and finishing with a dance competition in the street from rival samba schools. Having said that, you will get your feel of Brazilian culture, enjoy seeing brilliant dance and costumes, and participate hundreds of years old festival. Be prepared for crowds, though, as Carnival draws two million people to the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

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Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, China

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

The Chinese town of Harbin hosts an annual Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival on January 5th of each year and runs till February. This is a magnificent way to break up the doldrums of late winter in China. At this festival, ice sculptors from around the globe come to Harbin to specifically showcase their talent. They create an ice and snow wonderland that you can walk throughout the day and night. Moreover, the addition of lights makes the scene genuinely magical.
Post enjoying the festival, you can head to nearby Yabuli for awesome snow skiing. If you’re feeling courageous, you can participate in “polar bear plunge” style swimming competitions at the Songhua River.

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Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

For a total of five days, Las Fallas, Valencia comes alive with a colourful fiesta. The heart of this festival is the creation of ninots, which are puppets who look-alike politicians, celebrities or pop culture figures. Throughout the five days, festival enthusiast pokes fun at the ninots through satire and shows. Colourful Spanish wardrobe is abundant during the festival as well. Parades held across the city to add to the festivities. On March 18, at the end of the festival, a huge bonfire is lit to burn the ninots in a single day known as La Crema. One ninot is also spared from destruction based on the vote of the crowd. All in good fun, though it sounds a little dire, Las Fallas is a way to explore the traditional Spanish culture.

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Tromso International Film Festival, Norway

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

Norway’s Tromso International Film Festival is held in mid-January and brings independent films to the big screen. The most interesting thing about this film festival is the fact that it’s held outdoors. Since Norway has minimal daylight during this time of year, you can watch showings all day long on the outdoor screens. Over 50,000 people will be there for the event, and you’ll be willing to stick around for the awards ceremonies to see who took home the big prizes. You may even get a chance to hobnob with some of the filmmakers while you are there.

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Winter Party Festival, Miami

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force host the Winter Party Festival in Miami Beach. It’s #1 of the world’s celebrations for the LGBT community. During the 6-day event are nine spectacular dance parties with more than 10,000 guests from all around the globe. The proceeds from this non-stop party go to a local nonprofit organisation. Till date, The Task Force has donated $1.2 million to LGBT Community Projects Funds of the Miami Foundation. Kick up your heels for a social cause.

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Yukon Quest

winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss

Searching for a fun sporting event? In February, head to Yukon Quest in Alaska to cheer on mushers and their sledge dog teams. They successfully complete their 1,000-mile, 10- to 16-day trek, from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada. The Yukon Quest Trail follows a historical Gold Rush and Mail Delivery dog sledge routes from the turn of the 20th Century. The champion clearly wins a $35,000 purse.

Winter festivals bring a lot of happiness along with great extravaganzas to cherish your experiences once ‘en for all. All the aforementioned carnivals are truly remarkable in its own. The real purpose of 7 winter carnivals around the world you cannot miss is to motivate every one of you to not let go of such opportunities.

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