How to protect your luggage while travelling on a plane?

Luggage Protection

How to protect your luggage while travelling on a plane?Travelling this summer ?

How to protect your luggage while traveling on a plane? Confused? Here are a few ways by which you can protect your luggage while traveling

So here are some tips that can help you in as How to protect your luggage while traveling on a plane?

  1. You can get a bright case which looks like girly luggage. The baggage that belongs to women gets more gentle care, as women often carry perfumes, fragile things.Girly Bag gets more protection
  2. Save your money: just by buying food wrap and wrap it around your luggage before check-in. Keep in mind, though, that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may cut through the wrap if an agent needs to open your bag. Duct tape is also one of the tools that you can use for packaging.You don’t need to pack the whole heavy roll; you have to put it on some areas on the baggage. Pick up a package of travel duct tape before your next trip. Duct tape on luggage to recognize it
  3. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam (which are both light but also tend to bounce back to their original shape) are ideal. But since most people don’t like wrapping with bubble wrap or Styrofoam, the next best material, is synthetic fabrics like polyester — not so much cotton.
    Should always move with your security measure; you may buy protective covers for your bags, which offer a giant clear plastic sleeve. That also prevents your bag to get dirty.Luggage sleeves for protection
  4. Don’t put fragile items into the luggage because you never know how the workers handle it. It’s better keeping in the cabin baggage, baggage handlers, are under pressure to load hundreds of bags onto a plane in a short amount of time.Fragile sticker on the luggage to protect it
  5. Carry-on luggage is always safer and better option for carrying your breakable things. If you wish to carry it in your luggage, then you should apply a sticker for the gentle care.
Airlines often mishandle luggage which has paved way for a flood of products promising to keep your suitcase damage-free.

It helps when your luggage has a few Fragile or Handle with Care stickers.

If you want your luggage to be handled with care, then we request you to use one of the ways mentioned above.




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