Top 7 Travel documentaries to binge on Netflix


“If travel was free, you’d never see me again.” This famous saying has ignited the wanderer inside each one of us. It’s the memories that matter at the end of a destination. And a pleasure to document to those moments and share it with the world.

Netflix has top inspiring travel & adventure shows/documentaries which is a must watch.

  • Departures

Departures is a Canadian production travel adventure web series. The show casts Andre Dupuis(Director and Videographer) and Scott Wilson(Host) and produced by Jessie Wallace and Steven Bray. Concept of the show is to present that journey matters, more than destination.

The high-school buddies travel around the world, capturing the horizons and the difficulties they encounter.

Cast: Andre Dupuis and Scott Wilson

Genre: Food & Travel TV, Action and Adventure

Episode(s): 3 episodes, 42

  • Pedal the World

Cycling is fun-filled and a healthy habit to inculcate, especially for fitness enthusiasts. Capturing the world on pedals and traveling 22 countries, covering 18,000 kilometers on bicycle was an adventurous ride for Felix Starck.

In a span of a year, he roamed across the globe and ticking off his wishes from the bucket list.

Cast: Felix Starck

Genre: Food & Travel TV, Lifestyle

  • Given

GIVEN is the surfing story of a legacy that takes one unique family on an adventure from their home in Kauai around the world. Told through the memories of a 6 yrs old child, Given is the simple yet equally powerful narrative story of a unique family legacy come full circle.

The surfers travel 15 countries in the quest to fulfill their adrenaline rush and create family bod strong. The visuals are breath-taking and pleasant to watch.

Cast: Aamion and Daize Goodwin

Genre: Food & Travel TV, Lifestyle

  • Tales by Light

Tales by Light is an Australian documentary reality television series. The series is a branded content and a joint venture between National Geographic and Canon. It features professional photographers traveling around the globe capturing powerful images depicting a story.

The show was aired on 24 May 2015 for the first tim and follows three seasons.

Cast: Art Wolfe (season 1)
Peter Eastway (season 1)
Richard I’Anson (season 1)
Darren Jew (season 1)
Krystle Wright (season 1)
Jonathan Scott (season 2)
Angela Scott (season 2)
Eric Cheng (season 2)
Stephen Dupont (season 2)
Simon Lister (season 3)
Shawn Heinrichs (season 3)
Dylan River (season 3)

Genre: Science & Nature Documentaries, 3 seasons

Episode(s): 18

  • The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is a documentary miniseries; exploring a range of incredible architect-designed houses in extreme locations around the world. Each episode is theme based according to the houses environments — Coast, Forest, Mountain and Underground.

Piers and Caroline traveling to locations ranging from North America to Australasia and Europe.

Cast: Caroline Quentin and Piers Taylor

Genre: Miniseries, 3 seasons

Episode(s): 12

  • People of Tomorrow

People connect through music the most. The most interesting series on Netflix is based on the World’s most famous Belgian music festival. It attracts multitudes from corner of the world to enjoy the spirit of music, dance and food.

A fantastic music ceremony celebration and creation of new bonds.

Genre: Food and Travel TV, Lifestyle, Romance and Documentary program

Episodes: 6

  • Unbranded

Freshly out of college, 4 buddies decides to do something adventurous. In a journey from Mexico to Canada and a herd of mustangs with them; wildness of spirit is a thrill to watch. The film illustrates the challenges of managing ‘mustang’ population throughout the western states.

Cast: Ben Masters, Johnny Fitzsimons and Thomas Glover

Genre: US Movies, Action & Adventure


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