The Regulus: Redefining Luxury

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The growth of social media has caused a seismic shift in acknowledgement of wealth. Individual thought leaders have inspired a new generation of luxury consumers looking for experiences that match their new tastes. The price tag is not enough. Luxury is a lifestyle. Exclusivity is experiential.

Nowhere is this trend more evident than in China. A place where a millennial vanguard of luxury-seekers is redefining the elite lifestyle. They are combining their traditional focus on material goods as status symbols with a demand for access to cutting-edge lifestyle benefits.

Providing access to these experiences is The Regulus, a private membership community-based in New York City. Regulus partners with elite restaurants, hotels, nightlife venues, airlines, and various other top-tier service providers to offer premium lifestyle experiences. The Regulus is re-inventing the notion of luxury for a new generation.

Members have the privilege to access to events like New York Fashion Week and high-end music festivals across the world. Moreover, regular members’ galas act as progressive, casual networking summits for members to forge business connections, discuss travel experiences or exchange knowledge of the trends in fashion, design and lifestyle.

Members also benefit from traditional, luxurious cardholders’ benefits. It includes access to global airline lounges and discounts across a variety of world-renowned hotels, restaurants, air travel providers, cruise liners and entertainment venues. Also, bonus annual benefits have previously included complimentary travel by private jet. Meanwhile, via Regulus concierge, members get services as broad as legal advice, access to best-in-class private tuition, real estate and financial consultancy.

The Regulus was founded by Harvard University Masters Graduate, U.S. Marines Corp reserve and experienced security trader, Yang Gao. A man with a mission statement to reinvigorate staid networking events, offer personalized lifestyle experiences across the globe and to exceed its members’ expectations at every turn.

Regulus has maintained a significant presence at public events including providing sponsorship at New York Fashion Week and the Asian-American TV Film Festival Golden Oak Award Ceremony. Also, industry recognition has come in the form of acclaim from the Boston-China VC Summit and Startup Expo. Also, from the Harvard Innovation Lab and the Penn Wharton China Summit.

With an emphasis on curating its offering for Chinese nationals, The Regulus is creating a new era of Chinese luxury. It is designed for those for whom the pursuit of quality extends to every experience. The Regulus is more than an extension of traditional credit card benefits; it is a comprehensive lifestyle network that grants its members access to the future of luxury.