Tennis racket-themed Neoprene Design by Champagne Lanson

Tennis racket-themed Neoprene Design by Champagne Lanson

Champagne Lanson is celebrating its 42nd associated partnership year with the world’s most respected international tennis tournament, The Championships, Wimbledon. 

The brand has been the Official Champagne Partner of the prestigious tennis tournament since 2001. However, recently announced that its partnership would be extended for a further five years. 

Designing of Tennis racket-themed Bottle

To help celebrate the beginning of The Championships, Wimbledon, Champagne Lanson has launched a limited edition tennis racket-themed neoprene bottle cooler jacket. Available in both its traditional Black and Rose Label bottles. The bottle cooler jacket features:

  • Miniature tennis rackets
  • The official All England Lawn Tennis
  • Croquet Club’s logo in the center of each racket design
Tennis racket-themed Neoprene Design by Champagne Lanson

Designed to keep your Champagne bottle chilled for up to two hours. Therefore, the jackets are the perfect keepsake for travelers who enjoy Champagne Lanson, tennis or both! 

Throughout the months of June and July, Champagne Lanson highlights its limited edition neoprene bottles. Activations in selected Terminals in Dubai and London Luton Airports and at the Wine and View Bar in Helsinki Airport. 

Paul Beavis, Managing Director, says: “We know that once our unique style of Champagne is tried by customers, they become advocates. Our annual neoprene bottle jackets complement our traditional Black and Rose Label bottles. Therefore, we are proud to keep up with the tradition and have a new cooler jacket for collectors to appreciate. They also provide an instant gift solution for everyone throughout the summer garden party season.

Additionally, he adds We hope to build on this and through our other fun activities in retail outlets and with our premium on-premise clients.”

Area Manager Export, Edouard de Boissieu adds, “We are delighted to once again support our partnership with The Championships, Wimbledon through a range of tennis-themed activations in travel retail. The limited edition cooler jacket is the perfect gift for a loved one or for those that have been collecting the various tennis-themed bottles.”  

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