Sweat Management Products for the Whole Body by the Brand Carpe

Sweat Management Products for the Whole Body by the Brand Carpe

Carpe, the brand known predominantly for its category-leading hand and foot antiperspirants. However, announced that the company will be expanding its range to provide sweat management products for the whole body. The product launch includes antiperspirant wipes meant for managing sweaty armpits on-the-go, a sweat absorbing gelled lotion for the face, a sweat absorbing lotion for the breast area, and a groin powder designed for maximal sweat absorption and management. Carpe, the first total body sweat management brand.

“Our customers have been asking us to create sweat solutions for additional trouble areas since our initial launch,” said Kasper Kubica Carpe co-Founder and COO. “After months in the lab, we finally have some products that we’re extremely proud to share.”

Carpe’s new products address sweating that occurs all over the body, not just in the underarms. However, these brand-new items meant to keep those who suffer from excessive sweating dry, clean and fresh making their lives easier and more enjoyable.

The New Product Line

  • No-Sweat On-the-Go Wipes($19.95)  They’re meant to be applied before bed or in the morning. Engineered for comfort and efficacy, Carpe’s portable wipes, easy to use and packed in convenient on-the-go, single-use sachets. Additionally, the formula goes on clear, so no more worrying about white marks on clothes. Throw a packet in your gym bag, backpack, purse, or even a back pocket for relief any time of the day.
  • No-Sweat Groin Powder($19.95): There’s hardly a guy out there who isn’t familiar with the annoying, embarrassing feeling of a sweaty groin. Carpe has solved this problem with a product that features clean application, using a unique swivel-nozzle applicator. Additionally, a sweat absorbing super powder formulated with the perfect amount of cooling menthol. The result is a feeling that’s fresh, clean, and most importantly, dry.
  • No-Sweat Face($19.95) Whether it’s caused by the summer heat, spicy food, or a bit of nerve, a sweaty face is never pleasant. This innovation is not an antiperspirant – rather, it uses a unique blend of sweat- and oil-absorbing molecules along with antioxidants from aloe vera and oatmeal leaving skin matte and ready to take on the day.
  • No-Sweat Breast: ($14.95) Boob sweat is more than a seasonal occurrence for many women. Carpe No-Sweat Breast Lotion is great for sensitive skin. This quick-drying, smooth finish lotion, composed of ingredients like witch hazel and vitamin B3 to protect the skin. However, special powders absorb sweat and moisture to help you look and feel dry when it matters most.

“We started Carpe because people don’t just sweat under their arms. I have personally experienced the embarrassment of unwanted sweat and felt the need to create a solution,” said David Spratte, Carpe co-founder and CEO. “Carpe’s life-changing, antiperspirant hand and foot lotion, the beginning of helping our customers manage annoying sweat.”

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