QuietOn launches innovative snoring killer

Super small and comfortable active noise cancelling earplugs for sleep

QuietOn launches innovative snoring killer

The Finnish company QuietOn Ltd. simplified the lives of thousands of frequent travellers, dentists and patients. It is now clearing the way for quiet and relaxing nights. By
incorporating Active Noise Cancelling technology.

The tiny earplugs generate the essential elixir for a wholesome deep sleep: silence. Particularly low frequencies, which conventional foam earplugs can only reach to a limited extent. Suppressing the noise so that nocturnal snoring noises do no longer stand a chance. In this way, not only the night’s rest necessary for carrying out everyday activities is ensured, but also the one or other relationship quarrel is prevented.

Under the slogan “Save your marriage“, QuietOn brings serenity back to your bed.

QuietOn launches innovative snoring killer

In contrast to other earplugs, however, there is no additional generation of noise that exposes the sleeping environment to a rain storm, jungle or windmill. By simply masking or crossfading the disturbing sound. QuietOn creates a realm of tranquillity. Moreover, even when surrounded by snorers, party animals or discussing colleagues at work. Due to their unbeatably small size, the sleep aids fit particularly well. Equally, comfortably in the ear and close the auditory canal to all potentially disturbing noise.


  • The battery life is of 20 hours per charge, ensuring that the marital quarrel does not break out again in the middle of the night.
  • The device offers the possibility to choose between sleeping and hearing mode. In this way, it becomes possible to coordinate the length of naps precisely and the journey back to everyday life remains just a tap away.
  • No need to worry about oversleeping: The alarm tone is not suppressed like that of snoring bed neighbour.

The earplugs have already fascinated many technology enthusiasts at IFA in Berlin, sleep
seekers visiting Somnex Sleep Show in London, as well as visitors at CES in Las Vegas.
QuietOn Sleep is currently available for pre-order in the company’s webshop.

QuietOn launches innovative snoring killer QuietOn launches innovative snoring killer

QuietOn launches innovative snoring killer



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