Peach & Lily Partners With Ulta Beauty To Make K-Beauty Accessible For All

In Response to Consumer Demand, Peach & Lily Launches in Ulta Beauty Stores Nationwide

Peach & Lily Partners With Ulta Beauty To Make K-Beauty Accessible For All
Source: Peach & Lily website

Pioneering skin-care brand, Peach & Lily, announced the expansion of its cult-favorite skincare collection from 250 locations to all Ulta Beauty stores nationwide. Peach & Lily initially launched in select locations, but after only six months, Ulta Beauty requested a chain-wide expansion to fulfill the growing consumer demand for the innovative beauty brand’s ethically sourced, science-backed products.

“We are thrilled to have launched Peach & Lily at Ulta Beauty as they are right on trend with clean, clinical, cruelty-free and innovative formulas,” said Penny Coy, Vice President of Merchandising for Prestige Skincare and Fragrance at Ulta Beauty. “We’ve seen the brand really resonating with guests and because of this, decided to expand Peach & Lily’s distribution from a select 250 doors to almost our full chain of Ulta Beauty stores within just six months.”

Launched in 2018 by Alicia Yoon, the brand’s “zero compromises” approach has earned it cult-status. Inspired by her own struggles with eczema and her concerns about the toxins in our everyday environment. Yoon spent years developing safe and delightful formulas that deliver big results without any trade-offs.


“Today’s customers are not only looking for an Instagrammable ‘experience’. But for skincare products which formulates easily and are safe to use. I developed these products for the conscientious consumer,” said Yoon. “Through our partnership with Ulta, we can introduce our unique formulas to an even broader audience. And also make radiant, healthy skin more attainable for all.”

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