Paul & Shark stands out for technology, functionality and contemporary design in Singapore

Paul & Shark stands out for technology, functionality and contemporary design in Singapore

Luxury lifestyle brand Paul & Shark will be returning to TFWA Asia Pacific exhibition (stand D11, Basement Level 2) with its exciting latest collections that summerize the two key concepts representative of the brand: performance and heritage.

The idea behind the collection is to take the iconic elements of the Brand and to put them together through the fashion blender.  The collection represents the ideal combination of contemporary design, high quality materials, great technological research and extreme attention to the history of the company, to its best DNA, thus rediscovering the archive.

Paul & Shark is also proud to announce special capsules collections created through exceptional collaborations such as  Nick Wooster and LQQK Studio, born from the desire to raise the brand’s influence among fashion-conscious customers and where Paul & Shark’s iconic products are reimagined with a special twist.

Two main pillars of the collection are TYPHOON 20000 and ALWAYS.


Typhoon 20000


TYPHOON 20000 – the range of fabrics engineered and patented by Paul & Shark ensures waterproof and windproof protection for any weather conditions. Thanks to the ultra-soft membrane, TYPHOON 20000 prevents drops of water from penetrating the fabric yet allows for maximum breathability and comfort. TYPHOON 20000 in its LITE, TWILL and MICRO versions, marks a technical innovation with a high level of functional performance.


ALWAYS – is a carry-over project that manifests all the Italian brand’s long history, distinguished by values, stories, research and emotions. Timeless garments that embody Italian expertise and the unique style of Paul & Shark, these pieces can be reordered whenever necessary to ensure that they are never out of stock.  Pieces are chosen based on their heritage; iconic representations of the high quality that has characterised the brand’s numerous collections over the time.

Precious materials combined with sophisticated and practical details are features of twp unique collections where different styles coexist, from sportswear to smart casual: one is the Travel Capsule, ideal for travellers and the second one is born from the renewed collaboration with Loro Piana. Versatility for a free style that adapts to lifestyles and daily needs, whether for work or for leisure, to ensure maximum performance in every situation. The garments are ready for any urban challenge. Styles becomes protection.

A highlight is the Travel Capsule, With its clean lines, urban character and technical look garments combine extreme lightness with high cold resistance and heat retention. A special treatment ensures the fabric is completely ant-wrinkle.

Loro Piana collaboration – Storm System® from Loro Piana. Synonymous with natural fabrics that are perfectly waterproof and resistant to wind. Natural and luxury fibres, such as cashmere, are combined with the most advanced technology in a perfect synthesis of style and functionality. Consisting of a double barrier, the water-repellent treatment and the exclusive hydrophilic membrane makes this resistant to water, breathable and stormproof!


“We are pleased to report that Paul & Shark has seen another extremely successful year. The most consolidated markets are Europe, China and Russia where we are investing to support  a continuous retail expantion,” says Paul & Shark Worldwide Travel Retail Director, Catherine Bonelli.

“In Travel retail we are proud to announce the opening of 2 stores in the new Istanbul Airport. One is a monobrand boutique located in zone 1 and one is a corner in the fashion garden of zone 6. We have also been able to consolidate our presence in countries where we have already domestic stores like the Phillippines: one store in the new Luxe Duty Free Downtown Mall in Manila and one airport corner in the highly touristic destination of Cebu.”

See all this and more on the Paul&Shark stand in Singapore where, as always, visitors to the stand will be offered a personalized and unique gift using its special embroidery machine that is installed in travel retail boutiques to create additional interest and consumer engagement.



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