New perceptions on alcohol consumption influence Disaronno’s latest new cocktail

New perceptions on alcohol consumption influence Disaronno’s latest new cocktail

The perception of drinking has shifted significantly in the last 18 years. According to the Mintel Alcoholics Drinks Review 2018, 61% of Britons now deem it ‘uncool’ to get drunk.

In the world of the Millennial, self-awareness is at an all-time high. Thinking about what goes into their body and being mindful about what they drink is hugely important and deemed fashionable. Lower ABV drinks are therefore becoming much more popular than the ever developing generation. And this has implication on demand within the travel retail sector.

In light of this, Illva Saronno is returning to Singapore this year for the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference (Basement 2 M10) with a lower ABV(Alcohol by Volume) Disaronno cocktail, Disaronno Fizz.

“Being on point with consumer trends is extremely important to Illva Soronno. It ensures that we continue to be at the front and center of drinks sector. And shows how versatile Disaronno is. Through the launch of Disaronno Sour we hit the trend of classic cocktails. And the new Disaronno Fizz we are hitting the low ABV trend. With Disanorro growing strength to strength in the domestic market, this is only going to benefit global duty-free retailers,” comments Nikos Tsagarakis, Illva Soronno’s Global Travel Retail Director.

“Lower ABV drinks have increased in popularity in the last few years. Millennial’s are much  ore conscious about what they put into their bodies and what the repercussions of drinking too much could have on their personal lives and future prospects. Millennial’s may be looking for healthier drinks, that does not mean they will accept poor quality. This is where the new Disanorro Fizz cocktail comes in,” comments Nikos Tsagarakis

This year also sees Illva Saronno focusing on the growth of its Tia Maria brand. With a domestic TV commercial being aired in Europe, built around the concept of ‘One of a Kind’, its obvious Illva Saronno is investing heavily in the brand. “Tia Maria is unique and we as a company are very proud of this uniqueness,” adds Tsagarakis

“We have invested heavily into promoting Tia Maria in the domestic market, but we also have huge ambitions for the growth of the brand in Travel Retail. One of our main pillars of Tia Maria strategy is based on the mixability and versatility of our brand.”