New Desigual Grab & Go Concept Furniture

Desigual develops a new type of furniture for its Travel Retail stores.

New Desigual Grab & Go Concept Furniture

In line with the versatility and practicality of the Travel Retail world, Desigual has created Grab and Go Furniture, specially designed to sell and promote all kind of accessories in the Travel Retail Stores.

The project is based around the design of furniture bound for selling accessories in Travel Retail spaces and stores.

These pieces not only suggest a combination of gifting and exclusivity, they provide multiple other advantages too, such as the option to increase the visibility and speciality of the brand’s accessories, using spaces for selling products in a more intelligent way, and increasing the ROI of every square metre.

Fire-resistant, created using high-quality oak, stainless steel, and meticulously varnished in
white, both items of furniture are innovative both in style and shape, being easy to position with no need for prior installation.

SMALL ACCESSORIES SELF-SERVICE UNIT (SAU): smaller than the second piece. It’s designing is especially for small accessories, particularly purses and scarves. It allows easy visual access to the product on any of its shelves, but it also has an extra storage case underneath.

LARGE ACCESSORIES SELF-SERVICE UNIT (LAU): larger than the first piece. It’s especially designed for bags and backpacks, allowing more products to be displayed and seen from different angles. It also has a storage space at the back.

Available from the end of April, this new Grab and Go Furniture project will assist with the
brand’s daily sales in its Travel Retail spaces, and will also provide an opportunity for new
contracts in smaller spaces in airports, stations, etc.



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