New Braunfels – destination for generations of families

How a vacation destination with lots of options means summer fun

New Braunfels - destination for generations of families

A summer vacation tradition bonds a family and creates long-time memories. New Braunfels, Texas, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country is the summer vacation destination for generations of Texas families. Therefore, the attractions that keep families coming back are still there :

However, New Braunfels hasn’t rested on it’s laurels. Over the years, more and more attractions, accommodations and restaurants have kept the city at the top of the vacation destinations in Texas.

More Attractions

When you’re looking for the perfect vacation spot, consider the variety of fun options available for your family. Are there attractions to interest youngsters, teens, mom and dad and grandparents? Therefore, variety allows you to tailor your itinerary to your family interests and make sure everyone has a great time.

Additionally, check out these and other fun options at PlayInNewBraunfels/Attractions!

More Accommodations

Want to sleep in a treehouse in the middle of a water park?  In a teepee?  In a silo?  There are many unique places to call home while you’re on vacation in New Braunfels. From river-side campgrounds to cabins, resorts, and a plethora of hotels and motels. Additionally, check out these and other New Braunfels accommodations at PlayInNewBraunfels/Stay! (Where you can check availability and book your accommodations, too!)

More Food

Eating together is always a great way to share your day with family and friends. Therefore, New Braunfels offers a great variety of dining opportunities from romantic dinners to family-friendly fun. Additionally, check out these and other great restaurants at PlayInNewBraunfels/Dine!

However, Summer’s fading away – check out PlayInNewBraunfels to book your 2019 family vacation – make it the best time you’ve ever had! 

P.S. New Braunfels makes it a snap to plan and enjoy your vacation. Therefore, get the PlayInNewBraunfels App to make your visit easy-peasy!

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