Mazaya Returns To Orlando For Its Shisha Brand With New Flavours

Mazaya will once again be exhibiting at the Summit of the Americas exhibition in Orlando. There it will show its ‘Out of this World’ flavors.

Mazaya has a wide range of flavors. Over one hundred to cater to different tastes and capture a broader scope of consumer’s preferences. Mazaya has also launched different new lines such as the ‘Out of this World’ line. It includes Mazaya’s classic shisha flavors with a twist, adding diversity and variety to its portfolio. Also, the MZA line which mainly features exotic mixes. The company has expanded its business and launched a new collection of vape juices. These are also operating under the Mazya umbrella.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to sample all the flavors Mazaya has to offer. While relaxing and unwinding at the outdoor smoking lounge located on the Regency Patio.

Mazaya is still steadily growing its travel retail business outside the Middle East. It reported that in 2019 it outperformed its business target by 60% with an average of 50% YOY sales growth. Mazaya is listed in many border duty free shops (Argentina-Uruguay / Uruguay-Brazil). It is looking forward to expanding its presence in Americas.

Mazaya’s Global duty Free Manager, Rawan Elayyan, said:

“Our business over the past year has been truly amazing. It is fuelled by the growth in shisha all over the world & popularity of Mazaya & our “Out of This World’ flavors. We continue to see the Americas as a land of opportunity. Moreover, we are happy to be returning again to the Summitof the Americas show. Also, we will again operate a smoking lounge there. This was very popular when we first had it two years ago. We found it to be an effective way of connecting with buyers. Our ‘Out of This World’ line has been very well received so far. We look forward to debuting it at the Summit of the Americas exhibition.”