Make sure you visit these unseen places in Berlin

unseen places in Berlin

Places to Visit in Berlin

• Friedrichstadt-Palas
• Café am Neuen See, Tiergarten
• Schloss Charlottenburg
• Bur Viktoriapark and the waterfall
• Geopark Pankow
• Telecafe Restaurant
• Humboldthain Park
• Teufelsberg

Berlin is a great city, and everyone around the globe knows that fact. However, nobody knows that Berlin can also be a Romantic City just like other Big Cities across Europe. Since the end of the Cold War nobody generally perceived to be in his/her senses has seen Berlin as a romantic city. All the Romance of Berlin lies in the monuments and places of that era. We’re going to inform you about some of the best romantic Places to Visit in Berlin that you can enjoy with your partner.

1.) Friedrichstadt-Palas

Places to Visit in BerlinFriedrichstadt-Palas is a gem in the heart of Central Berlin which was built in 1865 and has seen numerous famous acts being played under its roof. So, How about going to the iconic and breath-taking Friedrichstadt-Palast theatre to enjoy an evening of Drama with your Love?
Location: Friedrichstraße 107, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 30 23262326

2.) Café am Neuen See, Tiergarten

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One of the scenic places in all of Berlin, the Café am Neuen See present in Tiergarten Park is one of the excellent places. Set beside a lake under the shadow of tall trees, this one of the best summer destinations for couples quipped with a beer garden of its own, the couples can have a beer or two and then do some boating together in the lake.

Location: Lichtensteinallee 2, 10787 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 30 2544930

3.) Schloss Charlottenburg

Places to Visit in BerlinThe gardens of the ever so beautiful castle of Charlottenburg are lush green and a place that oozes romance. Both the castle and the garden makes it a good pair for a romantic date. While the villa is exquisitely beautiful and full of tourists, the garden is serene and has a lake, flowers, and trees making them both a perfect pair for a romantic date.

Location: Luisenplatz, 14059 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 4930 32091440

4.) Burgerpark Pankow

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Embellished with breathtaking marble columns, picturesque scenery, and privacy this is a perfect place to escape the hustle bustle of the city and embrace a calm life.

Location: Wilhelm-Kuhr-Straße 9, 13187 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 30 902958674

5.) Viktoriapark and the waterfall

Viktoria Park is an urban park which overlooks the city centre of Berlin in Germany, Europe. It is one of the major landmarks of Berlin which was built to celebrate the victory of King Frederick William III of Prussia. The park is in the centre of Berlin, and it even has a waterfall. This man-made jungle is a perfect place for an escape date from the hustle bustle of the city.

Location: 10965 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 30 115

6.) Telecafe Restaurant

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Located inside the Berlin Tv Tower, the Telecafe Restaurant provides one scenic view that you want to enjoy in the company of your loved one Delicious meal at the highest revolving restaurant in Germany, overlooking the sunset from height off 200m while the restaurant revolves slowly is worth having.

Location: Panoramastr. 1A, 10178 Berlin, Germany (Mitte)
Contact: +49 30 247575875

7.) Humboldthain Park

Humboldthain Park is a place which was formerly home to Nazi Bunkers in Berlin. After the war, the craters left by air raids started to grow vegetation, and the rubble from the razed bunkers was piled up to form the Humboldthain. The highlight of the park is the secret rose garden.

Location: Brunnenstraße, 13357 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 30 90250

8.) Teufelsberg

Places to Visit in BerlinClimb up together on the man-made tower on the highest mountain in Berlin then hold hands, and enjoy the view with the love of your life. Teufelsberg was an observation centre of NSA and GCHQ during the Cold War, but now one of the favourite place to visit in Berlin.

Location: Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin, Germany
Contact: +49 176 60818636