Lance Rankin’s Genius Gourmet

Genius Gourmet Logo
Genius Gourmet Logo
Lance Rankin announced the launch of a Keto snack company

Lance Rankin is one of the original co-founders of Premier Protein. He recently announced the launch of Genius Gourmet, a Keto snack company. The company will have a delicious line of Keto shakes, Keto chips and Keto bars.

“We saw an unaddressed opportunity in the Keto space. Consumers are looking for snack products that provide true Keto Nutritionals while delivering a world-class taste,” commented CEO, Lance Rankin. “We partnered with one of the top manufacturing facilities in the world and came up with a line of Keto snacks that are increasing in popularity among the Keto community.”

These new on-the-go snacks provide high-quality fats rather than sugar while focusing on moderate protein. “The initial response to the Genius Gourmet brand has been overwhelming. Consumers and industry executives have been impressed with the overall brand look and appealing taste.”

The Genius Gourmet Keto Bars have already started shipping to consumers and retail chains and the much-anticipated Keto protein chips and Keto shakes will be available from early 2020. The Genius Gourmet Keto Bars are now available on & will be available at the following retailers in 2020:,,,; HEB and over 300 Maverik’s locations.