Kipling Celebrates PAC-Man With Limited Edition Collection

PAC-Man, the video arcade game which took the world by storm in the ’80s, turns 40 this year. There are few images as iconic as PAC-Man. Toru Iwatani developed the images for the Japanese developer Namco.

It sits proudly at the heart of gaming’s evolution – so influential it was to gaming culture and gamers alike.

As part of PAC-Man’s 40th Anniversary, Kipling, the Belgian luggage brand, has revealed a limited edition on-the-move luggage collection. That’s sure to be gobbled up by fans of the yellow dot chomping legend.

Kipling celebrates PAC-Man with a new limited edition Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Moreover, it features shoulder bags, backpacks, and hand-luggage trolleys. Also, the collection playfully references the game’s endearing lead character and supporting cast. Furthermore, for this collaboration, Kipling’s ART tote bags and the DELIA, TROY, and SEOUL backpacks feature PAC-Man’s colorful and original art pixelated characters. They are the perfect companions for eating up all those new destinations have to offer.

Denielle Wolfson VP of Design, Kipling said:

“Kipling and Pac-Man were born in the same decade; they are both simply iconic and very relatable. We were inspired by the classic pixel style of the time. Both Kipling and Pac-Man share a love for color, fun and bold simplicity.”