Kinder entertains travellers with 50th anniversary celebrations

Kinder is celebrating 50 years in the confectionery category with a #kidsatheart space and fun fair-themed activations and pop-up stores in travel retail.

The brand said it aims to revolutionize classic retail in domestic and travel markets by turning the shopping experience into entertainment.

Its ‘World above the Clouds’ concept encompasses product, packaging and retail, with traditional display units replaced by space-ship. Also, astronaut and fun fair-inspired gondolas and shelves. Furthermore, Ride-on toys and Kinder mascots target social media-loving travellers, Kinder said.

Ferrero Travel Market General Manager Frederic Thil said: “By offering an attractive and entertaining Kinder-themed shopping environment we are encouraging the consumers. Also, to spend more time with us and to engage with our brand.

Besides that – “Sales numbers in the shops taking part in the Kinder 50th anniversary project have doubled. It just goes to prove that we are all #kidsatheart.”

The new strategy was presented to retailers at TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference. Ferrero Travel Market also unveiled new editions to its Ferrero Rocher Destination range at the Singapore show, introducing new sleeves for Singapore, India and Qatar.


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