Kilian Hennessy’s Le Rouge Parfum Lipstick


Kilian Hennessy is introducing a new line of lipsticks and entering into the makeup market. The luxury brand which is known for its fragrance is extending the idea of fragrance to the lipsticks as well. In addition to that, the objective of the brand is ‘to create a collection that allows women to find their perfect red in gorgeous, scented lip colors—for lips that make a woman feel daring and elegant at the same time.’


In addition to that, the lipstick collection, LE ROUGE PARFUM, is a blend of marshmallow and orange blossom with an appealing combination of gourmand and floral notes. The six shades by the French perfumer are Heaven Rouge, Aphrodisiac Rouge, Prohibited Rouge, Dangerous Rouge, Intoxicating Rouge and Devil Rouge. Moreover, the satin and the matte finish range add to the variety of the new line up.

Complementing the lipstick is its casing. A black motif engraved cover with gold rims and edge on either sides creates a superbly crafted designer cover for the lipstick. Kilian’s own motif covered case will surely be appreciated and will be an inspiration for luxury designer accessories.

Besides that, the overall impression of Kilian’s lipstick collection is both classy and mysterious.

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