Kavita Hans: Aspiring Other To Excel And Motivating to Chase Passion

Kavita Hans: Aspiring Other To Excel And Motivating to Chase Passion

Working hard definitely helps you excel, but working smart helps you succeed wisely. Kavita, is a smart woman and portrays excellence in whatever work she does. She sets goals for other and helps other grow rationally. She is curious, sensible and handles every situation at work dynamically.

DutyFreeList, in conversation with Kavita Hans on the occassion of International Women’s Day!

Your current role and a short brief. 

My role reports into Diageo Global Travel, managing Travel Retail business in India and domestic business cross the Gulf. 

What sparks passion in you about travel retail, travel and tourism? 

I used to drive past Diageo head office in Park Royal weekly, and always aspired to work for Diageo Global Travel.  There is something about connecting & engaging with consumers in the environment of a travel retail store that fascinates me.

I think it is the challenge of engaging with a mix of different cultures, nationalities, people on the go. For so many different reasons that sparks a passion for choosing to work in this channel. Internally, the Diageo Global Travel business unit employs a team of 40 plus nationalities. And this creates a unique, engaging, fun culture that allows me to learn and grow so much on a personal level.

What is your management style? How do your employees perceive you?

I would say my leadership style is flexible to allow for freedom succeed, inclusive and values the contribution a of a diverse and multicultural team. 

Who is your women role model?

My mother for demonstrating resilience and emending me with the same spirit. Also, Fiona Dawson, Global President at Mars.

I joined Mars UK straight from university and remember attending a sales conference at which Fiona Dawson spoke as the Sales Director of Mars UK. About her returning to work just from maternity leave, the challenges and finding a balance between work and home.

I find it inspiring and encouraging that Fiona spoke about this so openly at a time when gender diversity at Exec Board level in UK’s top businesses was not addressed so openly.

What was the last gift you bought at duty free and gave someone?

I’m probably most perfume & cosmetic marketeers dream passenger whilst walking through duty free.

I had no intention of buying as I was cutting it fine for a flight. But ended up buying my husband the latest limited edition fragrance, through Edinburgh airport. And being a huge believer of self-gifting, bought myself a bottle of Zacapa XO on arrival in Dubai Duty Free.




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