9 Things Hard to Forget about Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a brand in itself. The persona and charm ruled the fashion industry for decades. Now that he is gone(physically), but not from our hearts.

Whats in the Name?

Often lauded for his constant reinvention, he removed the “t” at the end of his last name early in his career in order to make it sound “more commercial.”

He Once Cast Strippers in a Runway Show

Back in 1993, when he was designing for Fendi, Lagerfeld sent Italian porn star Moana Pozzi and a crew of strippers down the runway in lace-trimmed swimsuits. It was reportedlynot to a ~certain~ renowned fashion editor’s tastes, as she made an abrupt exit during the presentation.

He Used to Carry a Fan Everywhere

As a fashion statement, he would pose with this fan for the paparazzi.

His Famous Mane Wasn’t Really White

In 2012, Lagerfeld admitted that his hair is actually “kind of grayish” and that he maintains the snow white aesthetic with Klorane dry shampoo. That is the best thing to do because my hair is always clean.

Super Obsession with Diet Coke

Lagerfeld drank 10 cans of Diet Coke daily. From the minute he gets up to the minute he goes to bed, he drink nothing else except for Coke.

He Started Growing His Iconic Ponytail In 1976

Largerfeld is famous for his trademark black aviator shades and flamboyant white ponytail, 1976 was the year he decided to embark on growing his hair.

He Owned 300 iPods 

Lagerfeld had an extensive tech collection which featured 300 iPods, each one programmed with different music. Unsurprisingly, he stored his collection in a custom-made limited-edition Louis Vuitton trunk.

He is SO rich that even his cat is famous.

His pet cat, Choupette Lagerfeld accompanies Lagerfeld wherever he goes and has her own Instagram account in addition to her two personal maids. Yes, she has a pillow with her name on it,too !

Very own Personal Library

Lagerfeld is a bibliophile and owns the library of our dreams. This is what his private library looks like and I think I just died a little bit. Look closely, and you’ll notice his books are all kept horizontally. Peculiar, you think? Not for Karl. The arrangement is such, so Mr. Lagerfeld doesn’t have to tilt his head to read the titles.



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