‘It’s All About Love’ For Maison Lanson As It Unveils Its New Campaign

Maison Lanson has launched its new branding and advertising campaign with the emotive slogan: ’It’s All About Love’.

To celebrate 2020 which coincides with Maison Lanson’s 260th anniversary, Lanson has relaunched its branding by building it around Maison’s core values: openness, kindness, humility, authenticity and elegance – and above all else, the quality of its wines.

The new campaign is centered around ‘It’s All About Love’. Love for the soil, for the terroir, of a job well done, a sustainable love, a love of sharing, of being together, of making people happy.

A strong visual that just says it all.

The campaign features hands delicately carrying a bottle of Lanson Black Label Brut, the House’s flagship vintage. Hands that craddle, hands that bestow, strong hands that carry with them gentleness. Everyone can read for themselves: the bottle becomes a delicate object, a sacred offering, precious like a sleeping child. In the world of Champagne, hands very often express the hands-on labour that goes into each bottle. Here, they become protective and enveloping, generous and deeply human. It is Hervé Dantan, Winemaker of Maison Lanson, whose hands carry the bottle. With this campaign, Maison Lanson fully expresses the notion of sharing that is held so dear, the attention paid to others, the sincerity of a long-lasting relationship, and, as a watermark, the authenticity that is the essence of the Maison. From soil to glass, it is the hand of Man that links unique moments of sharing and love. Afterall, “it’s all about love”.

This international campaign will be bolstered by other stories and other Champagnes from the Maison, from the hands of winegrowers or great chefs from the world of gastronomy, men and women who help bring Lanson Champagnes to life all over the world.