Is the Budweiser Oscar Ad Anti-Male?

Budweiser’s launched its limited-edition Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager last year. In their new commercial featuring Charlize Theron, which was broadcasted in the Academy Awards 2019 gained handsome popularity, in both the aspects.

The ad opens with the South African and American actress entering into a Rowdy bar and asks for a limited-edition Budweiser. Seeing a woman into a bar and ordering a drink male-oriented provokes their conviction. They(rowdies) challenge Theron to join in the snooker game. “Hold my beer,” she says, before changing her mind and carrying the pint with her. She is fierce and confident as she battles the boisterous patrons in a pool, darts, video boxing, and arm wrestling—without spilling a drop of her beer, naturally.

The commercial ends on a note ‘new bud in town’. The brands limited-edition which has been available since August celebrates the 85th Anniversary of Prohibition and Budweiser’s survival through it.

2,369,627 people watched the commercial on YouTube out of which it received 765 dislikes, till date. The advertisement leaves an unfavorable impact. Chivalry, according to them,  means women can do anything that men are good at. Enjoying the male-drinks,playing games that male mastered over the years, gives them same privilege.

The brand’s idea to promote their limited-edition Budweiser to a female by comparing them to male is a total bizarre. The angry comments on social media platform clearly show, that why do women have to do things that men do to prove themselves strong. Isn’t a voice(words) powerful enough, a muscular body is what still considered tenacious?

The definition of honour is indeed sceptical.

These anti-male ad campaigns are fairly destructive to the image of the companies in the eyes of men.

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