Illva Saronno’s Big Success at Schiphol

Schiphol loves Disaronno
Illva Saronno's Disaronno
Illva Saronno, Italian alcohol brand encountered a huge increment in sales for its Disaronno brand. After a promotion and tasting campaign at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the brand saw sales increase 400% at the Dutch hub.

The promotion saw an eye-catching Disaronno branded stand installed in the key location to boost shopper engagement. Furthermore, the campaign ran throughout August in Schiphol Lounge 1.

The objective of the campaign 

To demonstrate that Disaronno, the world’s favourite Italian liqueur, is perfect on-the-rocks but also when mixed in many different cocktails. 

Disaronno's Sour cocktail for tasting
Disaronno’s Sour cocktail for tasting
The focus of the campaign

Here the campaign focused on the iconic Disaronno Sour cocktail with a price promotion offer. Apart from this, there were brand ambassadors on-hand and gift with purchase for shoppers.

Valentine Cozzi, Illva Saronno Travel Retail Marketing Manager, comments: “This was an excellent performance from Disaronno in one of the busiest airports in Europe and the world. Shoppers were excited with the Disaronno Sour cocktail. Also, many of them bought a bottle of Disaronno to take on their travels with them.

“Promotions like this are vital in travel retail today. It helps the brand to engage with new customers. To see such a big increase in sales too is fantastic.”

Illva Saronno's Disaronno branded stand at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Disaronno branded stand
Illva Saronno is now operating campaign in airports around the world. It is active in the airports of Rome Fiumicino, Milani Malpensa, Madrid and Frankfurt until the end of the year.