How to celebrate New Year in the USA? Read more

How to celebrate New Year in the USA? Read more

New Year in the USA

2019 is on its way and what is a better way to welcome it in than to party like there’s no tomorrow. It is the most awaited time of the year when you celebrate and make the most of your time with your family and friends. What about to be a part of the New Year in the USA?
Be ready to be dazzled with hottest New Year Parties in the USA with foot-tapping music, unique performances, concerts, events, gourmet dining, fireworks and much more!

1. New York City
2. Las Vegas
3. Dallas
4. Los Angeles
5. Washington D.C

New York City

New Year in the USATime Square in New York is probably the first place that comes to your mind when it’s about parties and celebrations. New York City’s Time square celebration is one of the most famous and most popular new year’s celebrations in the world. Watching the ball drop, foot-tapping music, performances, and watching more than a million people at a small area of New York City seems like a great way to ring in the new year.
New Year’s Eve at Time Square is once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.
The US is blazing with places where you ring in the new year but the best New Year Party in the USA can only be experienced in the madness of The Time Square.

Las Vegas

New Year in the USAIf you are looking for something excited to start your New Year with, head to Las Vegas for the biggest party in the Country. America’s Party is the place where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve in a unique style. The Party includes fireworks at midnight, spectacular view at the Las Vegas strip, gourmet dining, and live concerts, events and much more! The place gathers 330,000 people through the streets on a yearly basis to maintain a party atmosphere of Las Vegas.


New Year in the USADallas is the place to be to ring in 2019, and you’re in luck because there are tons of music events and performances to say goodbye to the year. The New Year is right around the corner, and that certainly causes for celebration. Dallas, USA is famous for its New Year’s Eve Ball and Showcase. You can dance your way across the ballroom and can enjoy the atmosphere of good food and fantastic drinks.

Los Angeles

New Year in the USALos Angeles is ‘the City of Angels’ and one of the most-lively City, and thus, it offers many events that are happening across the City. If you’re going to Los Angeles for New Year Celebration in the USA, the biggest party happens at the Grand Park with mouth-watering food, live music and fun people to party with. Queen Mary in Los Angeles is the best place for New Year Celebration in the USA. It is based on an international theme and involves entertainers, live music, and firework at midnight.

Washington D.C

New Year in the USAFrom parties to events, locals and visitors have plenty to see and enjoy on New Year’s Eve in Washington D.C. The regal seat of power in America is famous for its fun activities on New Year. Restaurants in Washington D.C offer some of the best cuisine and drinks. You can celebrate your New Year’s Eve with your family and friends in Washington D.C.


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