Hennessy X Artist Felipe Pantone’s New Artistic Launch

Hennessy X Artist Felipe Pantone's New Artistic Launch

The phenomenon in the art world, born in Buenos Aires, Felipe Pantone arrived in Spain starting with experiments in graffiti. However, forging his own way at the intersection of vintage typography, optical and kinetic art, always being in constant motion.

Today, Pantone is an artistic pioneer known worldwide. Its form of visual expression seen in a constant struggle of wonderful colours, graphics and 3D illusions. However, his technique explores history, constantly transformed by avant-garde technology.

“My work is influenced by the past, but it is totally contemporary. I like to transcend time through an unexpected experience that you can only have through art. I am always trying to jump to the next wave, to innovate.” – Felipe Pantone.

Hennessy X Artist Felipe Pantone's New Artistic Launch

The fact that Felipe Pantone has achieved the title of the star without publicly revealing his face. However, makes him an exception in the contemporary art scene. 

The artist leaves his mark in unexpected places such as New York, Madrid, Paris, Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo. Therefore, his definition of modernity became the “ultra-dynamic” manifesto. Thus, for Hennessy Very Special, Felipe Pantone creates new and unexpected experiences in the world of Cognac, which he calls “Mixing the present.”

This HENNESSY Very Special Enters a New Dimension

However, Felipe Pantone is at the forefront of the contemporary art scene, the artist cultivates a deep love for the past. Therefore, that understanding and respect form the basis of the two works of art he created for La Maison Hennessy.

However, during Felipe Pantone’s first visit to Cognac, told Master Blender of Hennessy, about the similarities between the creation of Cognac and his own “Mix the present” process.

The limited edition of Hennessy Very Special X Felipe Pantone, based on the original work of art by the artist “W-3 Dimensional Three Stars”. However, a piece inspired by Hennessy’s past.

Felipe Pantone leafed through old labels and advertisements, explored past bottles and packaging. In his creative process, the artist selected his favourite themes from previous works, mixing them with forgotten patterns within Hennessy’s archives. In addition to reviewing the three-star design, used in the past by Maurice Hennessy, Pantone developed a new version of this pattern.

Subsequently, he incorporated these discoveries in his own creative ways. However, which gives the new limited edition of Hennessy Very Special X Felipe Pantone an innovative blow. Within the Hennessy Very Special label, a metaphor symbolizing Hennessy’s ability to capture every significant moment through the centuries. 

“In art, what matters is your contribution. It is not only about technique, it is about innovating” .- Felipe Pantone .

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