Fragrance Swap Event at Fumerie Parfumerie in Portland

Fragrance Swap Event at Fumerie Parfumerie in Portland

Oregon, Portland is very famous for it’s recurring events attracting numerous people. The exciting events engage crowds to participate and possibly discover and bring home a new treasure. The treasure hunt and other activities are in very interesting.

This year, Fumerie founder Tracy Tsefalas came up with a new twist to the event: Sample Swap. 

Tracy explains,”We are holding our first ever sample swap. I have had numerous discussions with fragrance enthusiasts over the years about what could be done with their samples that are not particularly well loved or(if we are being honest) or ever liked. Eventually, I decided that I would like to offer up Fumerie as a gathering spot for an evening of re-homing these small treasures. I imagine many will go home with all sorts of newfound samples to explore.”

Event details:



Where: Fumerie Parfumerie, 3584 Southeast Division Street Portland, OR, 97202 United States


“It will be a casual event that encourages you to share your unwanted samples with others and hopefully make fruitful swaps for exciting new fragrant discoveries. Fragrant provides the fine and always cozy ambience. While all that is required of one to show up with your sample reject for a night of fun! – Fumerie website

The fragrance swap is a free event open to anyone willing to participate. Sign up on the Fumerie website to enroll in the event.



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