Fraas on Dufry listing among others

FRAAS – The Scarf Company enjoyed a hugely successful TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes this month. The brand’s Zodiac Wheel of Fortune scarf promotion had both buyers and visitors buzzing and rushing to engage. The travel retail industry was inspired by FRAAS’ Zodiac Wheel of Fortune promotion, which allowed visitors to spin a wheel featuring all the signs of the Zodiac and if they landed on their own sign then they won the corresponding scarf from the range.


The company, which was showcasing its innovative new Zodiac range at the show, was delighted to see a 15% year-on-year increase in the number of visitors to the stand at the Exhibition.



Fraas also recently secured a global listing with Dufry and further projects with both Heinemann and Lagardère Travel Retail.

After securing a global listing with Dufry at the show, FRAAS is now working with Dufry on the first POS project at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. FRAAS is also negotiating with Lagardère Travel Retail for two POS projects and has been approached by Harding Retail to become a part of their retail offer on cruise ships.

“With our inflight and cruise business with Heinemann and our new discussions with Dufry, Lagardère and Harding, FRAAS is making great headway in all three major sectors of the travel retail market,” Ruehrschneck adds.

“This is a demonstration of how perfect this brand is for travel retail. Our products are not just incredibly stylish and made to the highest quality, but they are also the perfect items for travellers from across the globe.”

Future plans

During the Cannes show, the FRAAS team also discussed the potential for new POS at airports and with retailers around the world, including in Turkey, India, Jordan and the UAE.

Looking the to future, FRAAS is planning to further expand its Asian inflight operation and will continue its existing European listings.