FRAAS introduces its full Fall/Winter 2019 range in Singapore

FRAAS introduces its full Fall/Winter 2019 range in Singapore

The Scarf Company comes to TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference ( Stand L1, Q15) with its new 2019 Fall/Winter product range. Each item in the range sees FRAAS interpret current trends. By presenting in a unique way that lends each items to its very individual FRAAS look.

The new Fall/Winter collection includes the following fashion themes:

  • Flora Allegoria

The inspiration is taken from the best designer: Mother Nature. FRAAS will enchant you with hand-painted flora and fauna (insects, hens). Along with jacquard woven folkloric blossoms and 3D structures that suggest autumn flowers and vintage foliage. The Hero is a wool scarf of 110 x 110 cm. And with a touch of Lurex applied that literally flows around your neck. It is printed in a photorealistic style. More over with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z lovingly framed in flowers, grasses, and branches.


  • Best Of Swing

With Best of Swing, the secret favourite and third trend theme of the season. FRAAS stands out with surprising details in mixed designs. Wild heritage checks combined with diamond checks. And playing card designs from the 1920’s work together with pastel shades, brown tones, and cameo blue. The Hero, a wool-lurex scarf (110 x 110 cm) printed with a variety of cashmere goat motifs playfully combines all the design mixes and skillfully molds them into one great unity.



Another theme in the 2019 Fall/Winter season 2019 is the “ABC of the Universe”, which puts learning, respect, solidarity, mindfulness and maximum individuality in focus. The accessories from FRAAS tell stories and express emotions like none others.

Also for Fall/Winter 2019, FRAAS is banking on its capsule range FRAAS Signature. Here more than anywhere else, FRAAS unites the handwriting of FRAAS – The Scarf Company. Signature is the incarnation of the carefully guarded essence of 138 years of entrepreneurial expertise. Numerous ladies’ and men’s articles in this special product range are “Made in Germany”. Also, they have been manufactured in Wüstenselbitz in Upper Franconia. Or they are “Made in Italy” and come from selected Italian manufacturing partners. In addition, exclusive textile accessories of cashmere or silk from China and India round out the offer.

More from FRAAS:

  • The Boho Travellers: It is rich in designs, multiethnic mixes, and embroidery in warm hues of chocolate combined with violet are in focus in Boho Travellers.
  • Paul Klee & The Universe: Paul Klee & The Universe spans the arch between the international stars of the art world and their techniques.
  • The Hero: It is an XXL scarf (modal/ polyester/viscose, Made in Italy, 150 x 150 cm) printed with a big cross stitching pattern displaying the motto #PEACE PLEASE. The Hero unites all the big names in lettering ART IS NOW. It is imprinted on an exclusive wool silk blended material (Made in India, 110 x 110 cm) true to the motto “Keep amazed WOW – the world is full of beauty”.

FRAAS – The Scarf Company will also be showcasing The FRAAS Plaid. It’s signature classic plaid in black and white stripes has a shot of colour through it that is reminiscent of a Scottish tartan. After all, it hails from a region that has much in common with Scotland: wild, romantic highlands, a bracing climate with bitterly cold winters, poor soil and plenty of crystal-clear water – Upper Franconia in Germany, one of the most traditional textile-producing regions in Europe.


Christian Ruehrschneck, Head of Travel Retail comments, “We are delighted to once again be exhibiting at TFWA Asia Pacific. Our new Winter/Fall collection consists of products of very high quality, not only in terms of the material used but also their style and look. Both of these aspects we deem to be very important when it comes to impressing the Asian consumer. In the domestic markets FRAAS is already well established in major Asian markets as Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan and is now increasingly expanding into the Travel Retail.”





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