Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish beauty giant FOREO has just announced the retail launch of the world’s first smart mask device, the UFO (Ur Future Obsession), which is now taking Korean mask experts and combining this with the best of Swedish beauty technology, this newest smart masking beauty-tech device was unveiled in January at CES in Las Vegas.

From the hype, it was clear that with the start of 2018 – the beauty industry and use of sheet masks, would never be the same again.

Fast forward to April 2018, and the UFO has just launched onto retail platforms across the world allowing all beauty buffs to experience a spa-level facial, at home, using their very own UFO, in only 90 seconds.

The device is compatible with seven FOREO UFO activated sheet masks, including a day (Make My Day) and night (Call It A Night) mask, perfect for implementing this treatment into an everyday beauty regime.

Secondly, the newly launched five additional masks as part of the ‘Skin Rehab’ mask collection including Youth Junkie, Shimmer Freak, H2Overdose, Matte Maniac and Glow Addict, will ensure there is a smart mask treatment for every skin type.


FOREO UFO (UR FUTURE OBSESSION)All UFO Smart Masks are created in Korea, the epicentre of the high-quality skincare and sheet mask beauty industry, and made from the soft micro-fibre material.
Each formula is crafted precisely and infused with the purest ingredients to include all the better for the skin, none of the bad including parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, disodium EDTA and mineral oil – all found in most sheet masks on the market.
Moreover, From early adopters and the world’s first testers of UFO, the feedback from experience is that the masks are ‘addictively luxurious, soothing and so easy to use’.


The FOREO UFO combines six different techniques to create the at-home spa-facial and eradicate. The need for traditional slimy sheet masks that keep you sitting still for 20 minutes at a time to complete.

Hyper-infusion technology, T-Sonic pulsations, cryotherapy and LED light therapy treatments (blue, green and red) are the components that make the UFO magical.

Each treatment incorporates a carefully chosen combination of temperature and pulsation intensity, evenly distributing a custom sheet mask essence across every area of the face while allowing active ingredients to penetrate more deeply for superior results.

The device is pre-programmed with each of the UFO activated sheet masks for easy use.

The 90-second routine is simple and addictive, with each user gliding the mechanism effortlessly across the face and enjoying the heating, cooling and pulsating technologies that bring out the nourishing qualities, deep pore stimulations and aromas of the chosen mask.



  1. 90 sec. treatment vs 20 min for traditional sheet masks
  2. Hyper – Infusion Technology: Heating, cooling & T-sonic pulsations
  3. LED Light Therapy: Red, Green & Blue LED
  4. RED LED: Erases signs of ageing & stimulates collagen production
  5. GREEN LED: Brightens a dull complexion and evens skin tone
  6. BLUE LED: Kills acne-causing bacteria & stimulates blood circulation
  7. Each UFO-Activated Mask has a unique treatment routine
  8. APP Controlled: Smart mask treatment
  9. USB-rechargeable & 100% waterproof with a 2-year warranty


1. Download the FOREO app here: Android or Apple
2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to pair UFO with our FOREO app. Full white light appears.
3. Follow instructions to clip mask in place and scan the mask barcode. The similar treatment will automatically sync to your UFO device.
4. Gently glide UFO across clean, dry skin and massage the formula in using circular motions until the device turns off, indicating the end of your treatment.
5. Use your fingers to gently pat any remaining essence into your skin. Follow with your favourite moisturiser.
6. Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO under running water
The gradual release of the UFO app across many markets and languages.

The first 500,000 UFOs also include a particular Quick-Start mode so you can get started right away if the app is not available.
Clip your UFO mask into place. One short press automatically activates the Wake Up Call Treatment. A second press activates the Call It a Night Treatment depending on the mask you choose. Enjoy!

Global Prices:

● UFO: 249 GBP / 279 EUR / 279 USD
● UFO mini: 159 GBP / 179 EUR / 179 USD


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