For all the fashionistas Waxing the City Introduces New Lash Lift Services

For all the fashionistas Waxing the City Introduces New Lash Lift Services
Lash Lifts last up to eight weeks.

Waxing the City is introducing new LVL Lash Lifts to its already extensive menu of services.  The contrast can already be seen through the “Before and After photos”.

Waxing the City’s LVL Lash Lift is a customizable eyelash treatment designed to lift natural lashes at the root. It creates the effect of longer, darker, more lustrous lashes. With immediate results lasting 6-to-8 weeks. Moreover, they’re a great option for people with low-maintenance beauty routines, busy lifestyles, allergies. Also, those who want to make the most of their natural eyelashes without damaging them.

The demand for professional eyelash services rose up 14% since 2017. Waxing the City is excited to expand its menu of services to provide clients with a “natural” option to complete and simplify their beauty routine.

A brief overview of the new LVL Lash Lift services:

  • Results are immediate
  • Services starts at $90
  • Process will take 60 minutes
  • Lash Lifts won’t damage your natural lashes

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift, and Waxing the City clients will be pleasantly surprised by the instant results.  By straightening your natural lashes near the root, and then tinting them, LVL Lash Lifts give clients the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.  No mascara.  No messing.  Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

For all the fashionistas Waxing the City Introduces New Lash Lift Services
By the end of this year, more than 100 Waxing the City studios nationwide will offer Lash Lift services.

“Waxing the City has spent the last fifteen years perfecting the art of body waxing and now we’re expanding the services we offer to help women and men look and feel their best in new ways,” said Vasilas. “The introduction of this new service presents an opportunity for our clients to experience a lash enhancing service without having to compromise the level of service and commitment to quality results that they experience at Waxing the City.”

Among many other products, Waxing the City features its own private-label “Brows that Wow” eyebrow makeup line.  New clients also save 50% on their first service.

Approximately 75% of the 110 Waxing the City studios nationwide have begun offering lash lift services.  Nearly all Waxing the City studios will be offering the services by the end of this year.  To find your nearest Waxing the City location and book your lash lift appointment, please visit



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