Explore Burning Man with Victoria Brewood

Traveling is an escape from mundane life for most of us. The journey and destination teaches us a lot, while we explore. On the other side, there are people you encourage and share their journey on different social media platforms with world.

In conversation with one of the famous travel bloggers, Victoria Brewood. Sharing her experience of travel blogging in these years.

  1. What were the top 3 crazy moments you experienced in 2018 during your travel journey?

I didn’t travel all that much in 2018 as I made the leap to move to America from the UK, but I did go to Japan and Qatar towards the end of the year.

  • In Japan I took a “sand bath”, which basically involves wearing a yukata and burying body under hot volcanic sand.
  • I ate chicken sashimi, though some people are horrified to taste the cuisine.
  • On my way back from Qatar I experienced the Qatar Airways QSuite, which allows the centre two Business Class seats that converts into a double bed in the sky. ‘Definitely one of the most glam experiences I’ve ever had’, says Veronica.

In NYC I had lots of crazy experiences – on my birthday I went to the Hamptons for the weekend and missed the last train back to New York, had to take an expensive Uber for 3 hours journey.

  1. What is that one thing still not crossed from your bucket list for years and do you plan to follow it in 2019?

Crossing Burning Man off the list, an annual event in the western United States. At Burning Man, the community explores various forms of artistic self-expression, which creates an unforgettable impact on mind.

  1. As a travel influencer, how do you deal with delayed flights and long stopovers at the airport?

I love airports and secretly I get a kick out of a delayed flight, sometimes. While, I was flying to New Orleans once with a friend. Bored at LaGuardia in NYC and we headed straight to the bar for Sangria. We ended up chatting to a well-known ice hockey player at the bar and the time went by pretty quickly. Often airport turns out to be a place for interesting meets with strangers.

If it’s a long stopover and I need to sleep at the airport, then I’ll walk around the terminal scouting out the comfiest place to sleep – that or I’ll pay for lounge access.

  1. What is your secret to healthy living? Any suggestion, for aspiring travelers to stay fit while traveling?

I am not a gym bunny and I don’t really workout. I tried it once but it didn’t last very long. I just eat healthy (avoid processed foods and carbs) and I walk everywhere instead of always taking cabs, trains or buses. If I see a flight of stairs, I’ll walk up them instead of taking the elevator.

  1. What has been your favourite past time to-do during flight journey?

 Sleep. I sleep really deeply on flights – my neighbours usually envy me. Either that or I’ll watch the inflight movies.


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