Enjoy the Galaxy and Planet Mars themed Afternoon Tea

Enjoy the Galaxy and Planet Mars themed Afternoon Tea

Waldorf Astoria Beijing promises to be the “Pioneer of Culture” is lifting off into space. Thanks to a collaboration with Italy’s leading creative company SELETTI that is set to thrill guests with an immersive culinary experience. In sync with SELETTI’s own ethos of ‘Revolution is the Only Solution’. However, a new Galaxy and Planet Mars themed afternoon tea set launched at Waldorf Astoria Beijing’s Peacock Alley from 8th July 2019 to 22nd November 2019.

The new galactic theme sees 3D projections besides each table setting a scene for imagination and wonder. However, the afternoon tea set’s creations similarly evoke the appearance and emotions of inspiring space travel. Therefore, a variety of flavorful creations have been prepared by expert chefs that will make guests starry-eyed.

Menu for the Galaxy Themed Afternoon Tea Set

  • Crispy Fish Skin Crater with Black Garlic Puree and Caviar
  • Space Grain-Fed Wagyu Beef Pho Spring Rolls
  • Crystalline Melon with Feta Cheese and Black Caviar 
  • Apollo 16 Wagyu Katsu Sandwich on Milk Bread which is inspired by the food, beef and gravy taken by the Apollo 16 astronauts.

Drinks and Desserts

  • Nebula Mini Doughnut
  • Meteorite Crystal Rock Lychee Mousse
  • R3-D3 Milky Way Chocolate cake
  • Milk Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake Stonehenge that uses the molecular gastronomy technique with seasonal berries. However, inspired by the prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England. 
  • Saturn Fermented Rice Velvet Cake 
  • Kinder surprise from the Mysterious Asteroid Ball which resembles a small asteroid with hidden sweets inside
  • Color-changing non-alcohol cocktail Interstellar 
  • The satellite Vietnam Iced Coffee to cool the capital’s summer heat

The 3D projector for this themed afternoon tea summons diverse combinations of planets depending on the temperature of the drink. Scorching Mars will appear when a 3D projector detects a hot drink. However, Mercury along the Neptune will appear on icy cold beverages.

“I am extremely excited with the innovative attempt for Into Deep Space 3D Projection Afternoon Tea experience. Our Waldorf service extends beyond offering a luxurious and sophisticated service, we also provide guests an unforgettable and tasteful experience in visual and tactile aspects. This time we promised to provide guests an interactive 3D projection experience second to none,” said Brian Tong, General Manager of Waldorf Astoria Beijing.

The Galaxy Themed Tea Set offered to guests in the hotel’s Peacock Alley. From July 8th, 2019 to November 22nd, 2019. However, the price for Galaxy themed tea set is 688RMB from 8th July to 3rd September and 
Planet Mars themed tea set 598RMB from 4th September to 22nd November.

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