Dressing up for styling is something that comes to us naturally: Urmi Daga

Dressing up for styling

Which were your 3 most memorable looks you created in the year 2019?

Dressing up for styling is something that comes to us naturally merely because it’s something we enjoy so much and have fun doing. A rule of thumb we live by is to simply do what we love and love what we do. That said, our 3 favourite looks, or rather the 3 favourite looks we loved wearing from this year, one has definitely been the neon green blazer coordinates that we designed. It’s super chic and comfortable as it can get. Also extremely versatile! Coming in a close second is our look styled with a beautiful statement ruffled Ka-Sha-Khan rust jacket. We love the larger-than-life look of the ensemble and anything that is ‘statement-something’ gets our vote. Another favourite has to be a look we recreated around a set of jewellery we currently love. These beautiful light beat gold earrings caught our eye and our trip to Croatia was the perfect opportunity for their debut. White shorts, blue shirt with stacked jewellery reminiscent of lounging by the beachside is what paired perfectly with it. Think shelled chokers, layered necklaces and more. 2019 has been a year of great finds! 

Do you have a list of beauty products on your wishlist? If so, what are the top 2 things on it?

Dressing up for styling

If we started, we’d never really stop! But if we had to list – The Pixi Glow Toner and the C-Firma Day Serum from Drunk Elephant which is said to be an excellent Vitamin C source for your skin, are what makes the top spot!

 Which is your favourite beauty brand and what collection are you eagerly waiting for in 2019?

If there’s anything Instagram has taught us, it’s that a covetable aesthetic is everything. The beauty brand that really tops our wishlist though? It’s got to be the cult brand Glossier. There’s nothing we don’t love about everything they do and are. Right from the quality of the product, to the results, down to the packaging – they tick all the right boxes and rightly so. So far, we’ve tried their iconic Cloud Paint which is a beautiful cream-based blush with the right amount of formula and colour. Next on our list? We’re waiting to get our hands on their Boy Brow mascara which we hear is a total game-changer!

That one fashion look who wanted to create for so long but couldn’t till date. Any plans to scratch that from the list this year?

With us, outfits are really whipped as they come and we style them keeping our moods in mind. We aren’t the biggest trend-nuts and choose to wear what makes us comfortable and sits well with our idea of style – a blend of classic and chic. We wouldn’t say that there is a look as such but we would love to get more experimental with edgier designs and more cutting silhouettes. Something that is not-so-us but fits our style too. 

Top 5 essential beauty products according to you is a must have while travelling.

Moisturizer and sun-screen are an absolute no-brainer. No matter the place, no matter day or night, these are 2 absolute essentials whether travelling or not. Coming a close 3rd is our new beauty discovery, the Gua-Sha tool. It helps tighten the skin and make it smoother with the use of a rolling crystal mechanism. Next, we’d have to say is a night cream which becomes essential as you get older. A good night repair cream introduced in your beauty ritual can do absolute wonders. Lastly, a good foundation is what we’d pick to be essential. So often, you can go so wrong with a bad foundation. A few brands create foundations that work well for your skin while also giving you great coverage and fixing skin while glamming it up. These are our absolute essentials.