Datassential HotShot Report Shows Crucial Coronavirus Insights

Datassential’s first HotShot Report covering the COVID-19 crisis debuted last week, and an update with fresh survey results will be released this week. (PRNewsfoto/Datassential)
Trend researchers at Datassential have launched the HotShot Report series to bring custom and syndicated research insights to burning questions and hot topics in the food and foodservice industries

The first study dives deep on the impact coronavirus will have on dining out and food at home.

Mark Brandau, group manager of Chicago-based Datassential said

“HotShot Reports is a tool restaurant operators or food manufacturers could use to answer their most important questions. Moreover, with custom data whenever major trends and issues within food and foodservice are identified. To put it mildly, we’re in the early stages of the biggest crisis to affect the food industry, the entire economy, in years. That’s why Datassential is providing free access to our HotShot Reports with while our ongoing COVID-19 research.”

“We’ll also cover other culinary, demographic, and restaurant operations trends throughout the year. That too with the same depth, inaccessible reports of a dozen pages or fewer.”

Datassential’s new HotShot Reports complement other research publications it has produced for several years, including

  • Keynote Reports
  • its PULSE operator data service
  • and the Firefly 500+ restaurant industry benchmarking study

Furthermore, the firm plans to update its coronavirus research on a weekly basis for the duration of the pandemic.