Clubtails Launches Two New Margarita Inspired Cocktail Flavor

Clubtails Launches Two New Margarita Inspired Cocktail Flavor

Utilizing the popularity of the timeless and classic taste of the original Margarita, Geloso Beverage Group’s Clubtails brand has launched two new malt-based ‘Cocktail in a Can’ flavors:

  • Lemonade Margarita, a tequila, lime, and lemonade flavored cocktail
  • Peach Margarita, a tequila, lime, and tart peach-flavored cocktail

More about the Product

Clubtails launched in 2012 with four original malt beverage flavors each offering 10% alcohol by volume. Clubtails have since expanded, featuring 15 cocktail favorites. However, the product appeals to consumers who enjoy traditional cocktail flavors that offer a spirit-like finish in the convenience of a can.

Additionally, Lemonade Margarita and Peach Margarita enhance the ever-popular Margarita line that customers love. The Margaritas paired with the American classic Lemonade flavor, as well as the ripe and tart sensation of Peach. Therefore, it offers customers a twist on the traditional cocktail flavors.

“Peach is a flavor that is booming right now,” said Mary Chapman, marketing manager for the Clubtails brand. “There’s such a high trend for Peach flavored beverages across all categories. The Lemonade flavor has always been an American classic. Adding Lemonade and Peach Margaritas are another way for Clubtails to meet the specific preferences of our consumers.”

Geloso’s U.S. VP of Sales, Paul Rene, added, “Clubtails continues to be one of the fastest-growing flavored malt beverage brands in the country. The product has proven its credibility in the market, with a 26% growth increase in the past year. Enhancing the Clubtails Margarita line with additional flavors will continue its success among consumers, distributors, and retailers.”

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