CheapOair’s air travel hacks

Halloween might be a spooky good time. Most travelers would rather see a ghost than have a bad experience at the airport. CheapOair, the leading provider of affordable flights, wants to help travelers avoid common problems with some hacks that will make travel hassle-free.

“Checking-in at the last-minute may cause the airline baggage handlers to miss getting your luggage to your destination. Make sure you get the bar code for the luggage tag that goes on your bag. This is how the airlines can track your bag should they not be able to find the luggage.” said Tom Spagnola, Senior Vice President of Supplier Relations at Fareportal.

Missing Luggage
Check-in as early as possible. Most travel nightmares begin with a rush to the airport and lost luggage is one of the most common and the most tedious travel setbacks.

Missed Connections
There’s nothing that gets the heart pumping faster than an airport-length sprint to another terminal. A missed connection could derail an entire vacation.

“You should be taking a connection flight, try to avoid one that is less than one hour. The more room for error, the less likely you are to find yourself stranded and losing valuable time. With many restaurants, shops, and lounges now available at most major airports – a longer layover isn’t as tiresome as it used to be,” advised Spagnola.

Preparation is key. Travelers should plan the best they can by downloading an app. It can keep them updated on flight times, delays, and gate changes. This will help circumvent any last-minute surprises that may lead to a missed flight.

Passport Problems
A lost passport is everyone’s worst fear. However, there are several other passport issues that can end a trip before it even begins.

As a rule of thumb, a passport should be valid up to 6-months AFTER the return date of your trip. It is also important that the document is not damaged in any way. A mangled passport can and will be denied by a TSA agent.

“Most people forget how easily a damaged passport could stop someone from getting on a flight. If there is damage beyond the usual “wear and tear” such as discoloration, ripped pages, or indecipherable details – that document is not fit for air travel. If you’re unsure, it’s always safest to get a new passport at least month before you’re set to fly,” remarked Ruben Bello, Vice President of International Operations at Fareportal.