Chabot shares the Art of Armagnac with consumers and customers in Taiwan

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To see is to like. Experience is to enjoy. To taste is to love – and hopefully to purchase. In Taiwan, consumers enjoying the luxurious shopping opportunities at the Everrich Taipei Downtown Store in Neihu. They are invited to discover the deliciously intriguing world of Armagnac Chabot in a High Profile Tasting Promotion.

Running from Mid- March through April, the promotion invites consumers to taste and experience two of Chabot’s best loved Armagnacs.

  • Chabot VSOP Gold, a young Armagnac with rich aromas of white plum and smoky wood. Moreover a full and rounded taste.
  •  Chabot XO Superior, a powerful blend of Armagnacs aged up to 30 years with a nose of almond and plum.
  • As an additional incentive to buy, consumers spending more than TWD 3,000 on Armagnac receive a useful and elegant Chabot logoed travel bag.

“We run HPP’s at the Everrich Taipei Downtown Neihu Store quite regularly. and find tastings a very effective way of promoting the brand,” says Chabot Armagnac President and Owner Kathleen Gentzbourger.

“The clientele here are mainly Chinese and mixture of Taiwanese and people from other Asian countries. And it is a wonderful opportunity to introduce them to the romance and passion of Armagnac. There is no better way to bring Armagnac to life than by sampling. Along with enjoying the rich and varied flavours that make up our collection. It is always a very effective way to boost sales. And, we hope, raise awareness of our brand to new consumers.”

Ensuring that shop-floor staff appreciates the complexities and beauty of Armagnac. And how it differs to Cognac and other brandies is vitally important. Training is therefore high on Chabot’s agenda. And for three days during March the company will be sharing the brand’s unique family history. As well as compelling product offer with more than 100 Everrich employees from Taipei to Kaohsiung.

“Chabot has been selling through Everrich Duty Free Shops for many years and we are sure that they know our products very well. However, we like to refresh their memories and make sure that everyone is up to speed with the brand. Especially before the HPP tasting starts,” explains Gentzbourger. “We believe that by giving our Brand Ambassadors a chance to taste and appreciate the quality of Chabot products and, through understanding the long background and strength of the brand both globally and in travel retail, they will feel more confident and enthusiastic to present the collection to potential purchasers.”

Says Everrich: “We have a long and excellent working partnership with Armagnac Chabot and know that our Brand Ambassadors greatly appreciate the training support from the company. We aim to offer our clientele the best possible products in all categories and spirits is one of our most valued sectors. Chabot Armagnac is one of the key brands within our portfolio and we are happy to be working with them on this HPP, enabling customers to experience the different personalities of Armagnac.”



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