Casa Branca evokes timelessness with its Stravecchio XO

This September, Casa Branca introduced its all-new brandy Stravecchio Branca XO, an extra old brandy that encapsulates a tradition dating back to 1888. 

Stravecchio Branca XO is the blend of flavours and aromas aged in the heart of Milan for years. 

The long wait in the ancient dark cellars of Via Resegone has given rise to a sought-after and elegant blend of exquisite spirits. It is obtained through the distillation of the finest Italian wines. They are left to rest in oak barrels and then when the time is ripe, it is transferred into the “Botte Madre” one of the grandest barrels in Europe.

With a capacity of over 83,000 litres, this is the symbol of the hundred-year tradition of Distillerie Branca. In this second phase, its ensured that all of the different elements of the brandy develop and balance out to create its complex and balanced character. 

Stravecchio Branca XO expresses all the softness and structure of an Italian brandy. Enriched with the carefully selected and crafted elements aged for up to twenty years resulting in a unique aromatic aftertaste. It is a masterpiece of man and nature. Its golden elegance the result of the skillful combination of ancient, honed techniques, patience and experience. 

Tasting notes 

Its amber-colored with golden tones and gives hints of burnished gold.

The aroma is expansive and enveloping, with notes of smouldering wood, vanilla, bitter cocoa, and honey. On first impression it gently caresses the nose with aromas of peach and apricot blossom and yeast. They are followed by strong notes of cherry that engulf the senses. On second exploration the experience is enhanced with notes of wood and tobacco, evoking the long aging process in precious and unique barrels. The end notes offer faint hints of cocoa, vanilla, and wild linden flowers, extending a warm invitation to lift the glass to the lips. 

The first sip surprises with the depth and body of the grapes. The minerals and acidity are perfectly balanced to create a pleasant astringency. Gentle on the palate and silken on the tongue thanks to the warm notes of dark chocolate and sultanas.

Tasting suggestions 

Palatable neat in a large glass. Also, perfect for preparing traditional cocktails such as Brandy Crusta, Sidecar and Between the Sheets.

Artful design 

The new brandy from Distillerie Branca is complemented by a new, highly aesthetic design. The new bottle expresses all of the elegance of cultural heritage of Branca distillery. Complementing with a contemporary twist heralded by the emblem “XO”. The golden label evokes the amber tones of the brandy and its unique bouquet. 

For Christmas, the Stravecchio Branca XO bottle will be available with a special gift box. The perfect gift for a loved one and the most experienced connoisseurs. Or why not treat yourself for a special moment of personal relaxation and reflection.