Cameron Diaz advisor of Luxury Cannabis brand Beboe

Cameron Diaz advisor of Luxury Cannabis brand Beboe

If you are someone who burst into tears in stress situations, and smoking-up calms you down. The stress often leads to uninvited pimples and marks on our face, making our skin look disturbed. The cult favorite-cannabis brand Beboe just-lanched their CBD-infused skin-care line, tauted by the the brand’s Wellness Advisor, Cameron Diaz.

Luxury cannabis brand Beboe well known for its signature rose-gold vaporizer pens and low-dose pastilles brings beauty space with the launch of a CBD-infused skincare line.

Beboe therapies

The new line collection called Beboe Therapies will be exclusively available at Barneys online, beginning April 1.


  • Face serum with 300 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD
  • Sheet masks containing 50 milligrams of CBD

“CBD has become a huge thing, but we think it’s seldom understood. We see a lot of companies putting CBD in their products without really understanding its benefits or just for marketing purposes, and there is not an authority in the space,” said Campbell.

Beboe therapies
Face serum with 300 milligrams CBD, $148
Beboe therapies
Sheet masks containing 50 milligrams CBD at $78

The face serum and sheet mask ranges from $148 and $78, respectively. The formulation of products take place with batch-tested CBD oil to ensure potency and purity. The claim is that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will “calm” skin and lead to better cell regeneration. Therefore improving skin tone and texture over time.

Key note: Both products are vegan and paraben-free, and are further proof that good skin doesn’t necessarily require … high maintenance.


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