Mens Watches You Loved at Airport Duty Free in 2018

TFWA is the largest and renown assosciation in travel retail and duty free today. Listed below are few watches that made a great impact in 2018.

MONZA by Aigner:

Men Watches You Loved at Airport Duty-Free in 2018

AIGNER’s latest collection, ‘cabinet of curiosities’ has taken inspiration from historical designs and patterns from distant lands but adds a touch of newness by offering a range in refreshing colours. Monza is a masterpiece that brings the potential of the collection in the most impactful and compelling manner. One can wear it to a proper business meeting as well as on a casual day out with friends, thus serving a purpose for different occasions. The watch has been available from 15th December 2018, in the Middle East and Africa market.

ALPINERX by Alpina

Men Watches You Loved at Airport Duty-Free in 2018

The watch has a sporty look, with refined detail thereby marking a powerful style statement. It is technologically advanced with top notched features that track the user’s activities, analyses sleeping patterns and notify messages and missed calls. The AlpinerX provides an application which enables its users to connect their smartwatch to the smartphone through Bluetooth. A classy and wearable timepiece that has been available from 1st September 2018, worldwide.

Volta 39 collection by Lambretta Watches

Men Watches You Loved at Airport Duty-Free in 2018

The exclusive Volta 39 collection has taken inspiration from old vintage timepieces, designed with utmost care and creativity. It’s a style statement that has a sleek, water-resistant case, dome-shaped glass and slightly curved dial. The watch is available in- premium leather straps, classy mesh bracelets and fashionable perlon straps. It certainly stands out amongst other watches. It can be paired with any formal attire or a casual sporty look. The chronograph has been available from 1st October 2018, worldwide.

Jowissa LeWy Watch Collection by Jowissa Watch Ltd.

Men Watches You Loved at Airport Duty-Free in 2018

The contemporary gents’ fashion range, launched by Jowissa Watch Ltd. is a classic collection with subtle designs. It celebrates their signature crystal cut and primarily focusing on an edgier case. The range offers different models that come with three hands. In conclusion, the watch is a robust but polished timepiece with the best functionality and style. A perfect addition to formal or casual wear. The watch has been available since 1st October 2018, worldwide.

Sekonda Men’s Midnight Blue Multi-Function Watch by Sekonda

Men Watches You Loved at Airport Duty-Free in 2018

The Sekonda Midnight Blue men’s watch, model 1634, is a timepiece that showcases the potentials of the watch in a minimalist yet powerful statement. The dark blue sunray dial, coated by a gunmetal plated case exclusively features a day/date display with a 24- hour read-out. It has a comfortable leather strap with water resistance to 50 meters. The chronograph has been available in the market since 1st September 2018, worldwide.

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