Isabey Tendre Nuit


Isabey Tendre Nuit

Maison ISABEY PARIS today is an ‘arthouse’ perfume Brand. Luxury, rarity, elegance and tradition with contemporary touch are the quintessence of the House.

Isabey’s Creative director, Rania Naim and Perfumer Jean Jacques are collaborating since 1999 to recreate the perfume lines of the House. The rich legacy of Isabey: art-deco codes, rare essences and excellent ingredients are an endless source of inspiration.


Isabey Paris presents its new feminine line, ‘ Isabey Tendre Nuit’. A poetic name and flamboyant plume colour combined to a voluptuous night Rose and animal Ambrette seeds fragrance, inspired by the unique emotions of a woman after a tender and passionate night with her lover. 

“The unforgettable fragrance of a desired and beloved skin. A night of love and passion when the quintessence of femininity is revealed by an extraordinary swirl of rose oil and absolute. Coupled with ambroxan, the queen of flowers is wrapped in an addictive mystery and finally opens on the powdery dry-down of ambrette, for a caressing sensuality.”- a note from the brand.

Tendre Nuit by Isabey; The new release by perfume legend Isabey is a beautiful powdery rose that feels very contemporary.


Top: Almond, Pink Pepper

Heart: Rose Oil, Rose Absolute, Ambrette Seed

Dry-down: Ambroxan, Cashmeran, Benzoin, Vanilla C0²


The beauty of the bottles designed by Julien Viard, the original packaging and the delicate fragrances, mode of ISABEY a “must” of its times. Romantic names such as Le Lys Noir, l’Ambre de Carthage, la Route d’Emeraude and other Chypre Celtic were and remain a reference in the history of perfumes. All these fragrances were widely distributed in the United States were the brand considered as a symbol of refinement.


Music and perfume have a common vocabulary made up of composition and notes. Jean Jacques offers the perfect illustration of the common denominator between the two arts. At 16, he played the piano and loved jazz. At 20, one of his friends mentioned ISIPCA to him. Also, it was to be a revelation that cast a veil of uncertainty over his firm intention to be a musician. He fell for the charms of perfume, in what was to be a pivotal moment in his studies and artistic aspirations. Also, In 1993 he joined Quest International at first to work with Pierre Bourdon then Maurice Roucel. He loves being creative, playing with raw materials.






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