Dumbo inspired Capsule Collection by Loewe

Childhood memories are incomplete without tales, comics and especially cartoons. Disney has been enjoying revival lately. The company is teasing fans with updates of their live-action remakes of their classic hits, with Dumbo dropping in movie halls in just a couple of weeks.

Loewe has launched their exclusive capsule collection this month. While unrelated from the movie, the collection features Disney’s iconic flying elephant, Dumbo. The drop includes  brand’s most coveted accessory – the Goya backpack and T pouch. Each item of the collection has Dumbo imprinted with his frilly collar and his rodent side-kick, Timothy.

The Dumbo Goya backpack

Loewe goya dumbo small backpack
Loewe goya dumbo large backpack

The brand’s iconic goya backpack is available in new colours: the stone-blue or if we may, Dumbo grey. Take a look up-close and the Dumbo’s collar is embroidered all around his neck adding texture against the soft grained calfskin.

The small Dumbo goya backpack retails at SGD$3,390 and the large Dumbo goya backback retails at SGD$4,650.

Attire from the Collection

Loewe jacket
Loewe t-shirt


Apart from the iconic bags, the range also includes scarves, t-shirts, jackets and pants. Prices start from SGD$690 for a printed scarf to SGD$7,550 for the checked jacket with multiple patched Dumbos.

The hero item, the Loewe Dumbo T pouch 

An extra element added to the collection is the Loewe Dumbo T pouch. This cute and easy to carry pouch is an investment from the brand’s side. Retailing at SGD$1,690, this adorable piece can also be used a makeup kit.

Available at the Loewe store and online this March. After 78 years of the release of the Walt Disney’s most famous character Dumbo, it will hit the theater’s again. Those interested can sign up until March 24 on loewe.com/Dumbo and grab a chance to attend the capsule’s presale on March 28 in one of Loewe’s stores.


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