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Shimmering and dreamy, provocative and dark, light and warm, AMOUROUD is a collection of olfactory memories, stories, real and imaginary. Transcribed with notes of flowers, woods, roots and herbs into perfumes that capture a primal place of serenity, joy and passion.

Amouroud Parfums are born out of an extraordinary legacy as they are the evolution of the custom-blending concept. Starting at Bloomingdales, Perfumer’s Workshop essential oils quickly became the ‘must have’ fragrance innovation offering customers the chance to create their own individual scent essentially. The concept soon spread as people embraced this new way of buying and wearing fragrance.

Each of the fragrances in the collection is created with the highest quality raw materials resulting in beautifully long-lasting scents that are innovative, refined and characterful.

The inclusion of Oud in each of the fragrances offers unparalleled intensity and longevity.

These are fragrances with heart and soul, characterful scents for those who seek uniqueness and integrity.

Fragrances Available:

  1.  Midnight Roses
  2.  Santal des Indes
  3.  Safran Rare
  4.  Oud du jour
  5.  Miel Sauvage
  6.  Dark Orchid

Midnight Roses


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Midnight Rose sparkles with notes of Lychee and Pomelo. Lily and pure Red Rose add a calming sensuality before the fragrance evolves into a glorious night garden with threads of warm, dark-hued Oud to anchor the composition.

Santal des Indes

It has a fresh earthiness to it. Woody, musky vetiver mingles with the scent of fallen leaves. A breath of new Incense combines with the merest whisper of Curry Leaves while Chinese Cedarwood adds a quiet strength to the composition.

Safran Rare

The richness of Saffron rests quietly inside the yellow, purple Crocus.
It is rich red stigmata are hidden inside, three per flower.
Harvest by hand, they are sun-dried to concentrate their precious aroma.
The intensity of this luxurious note is enhanced with an Indian Oud resulting in an extraordinary fragrance.

Oud du jour


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Combined with the richness of Oud, resulting in a deliciously soft and sunny fragrance.

Miel Sauvage

Wild Honey and Night Blooming Jasmine have been seamlessly intertwined in Miel Sauvage. The finishing touch continues with animalic Musk, earthy Patchouli, and the gentle fluidity of Sandalwood.

Dark Orchid

This soothing fragrance features Black Gardenia and a rare Spiced Orchid. Rich layers of Balsam and Vanilla are present in Dark Orchid.

Amouroud fragrances are available exclusively from Amouroud Parfums

MARKET: The Asia Pacific, Worldwide, America


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